Guidelines to Import Baby Garments from China, How to Import Baby Clothes from China?

Guidelines to Import Baby Clothes from China

Are you planning to import baby clothes from China to India? Three government levels including the federal, provincial and municipal departments will regulate the international trade. Certain requirements are to be fulfilled before Canada Border Services Agency provide the permission to Export or Import goods from China.

To ensure successful import from China to India, it is mandatory to fulfill the specific requirements in advance.

Some of the Very Vital Steps Required to Import Baby Garments from China

  • How to find the right products?
  • Next is How to order samples?
  • How to test your samples?
  • Building good relationship with manufacturers, payment, and delivery, advantages & disadvantages of drop-shipping (e.g. through Aliexpress / eBay)
  • Contacting logistics services providers and cost estimation, negotiation with manufacturers, payment options
  • And finally selling your product online on Amazon/eBay or selling offline in the local market in India.

You have to follow all the above steps to make sure that your business makes name and fame. There are tips which are prepared by various experienced people in this industry which will guide you.

To  Import Baby Garments from China at your doorstep, you need to have the following things

  • A registered company name if you want to import baby garments from China in your firm name in India.
  • Another option is that you hire an import agent and they will import the garments for you if you do not have a company/firm name registered with TIN.
  • A bank account, which should be current.
  • An IEC code or Importer Exporter Code is also necessary for importing goods from China.

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