Learn to Import LED Screens from China in India

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How to Import LED TV from China

There is a huge requirement to import LED screens from China, several importers want to import it, But as an importer, you need to be cautious before importing a LED screen having the desired specification. You might get a new kind of experience which were not expected. One scenario is explained to understand that different experience, there are many necessary characteristics required from product development side and from supplier sourcing

The world’s center of electronics manufacturing is Shenzhen but also of China. This is the place where anything belongs to consumer electronics type is assembled, packed and exported. That’s why LED screens are also exported from this place in huge quantity. A consumer will find very few LED exporters outside the Shenzhen region.

Almost LED screen manufacturers in China are located in Shenzhen and the reason is they are well known and (properly) resourceful components and materials supply chain. Components purchased from subcontractors in or near Shenzhen are basically assembled by LED screen manufactures. Propinquity to the subcontractors is a serious element in manufacturing. In an LED screen assembling hundreds of components are required. that’s why transportation cost and delivery times matter.

It is not a small task to manufacture LED screens. It requires a well-known quality management systems (QMS) which is a difficult process but not limited only to the quality assessment of incoming material or components,  QC over production cycle, or the testing of the final products.

It is recommended by Trade Flock that there is no additional knowledge is required to import LED Tv from China but you are safe if you prefer the ISO certified suppliers e.g. ISO-9000 or ISO-9001. So Trade Flock always endorse that to import LED screens you should go to an ISO certified supplier with good registered capital. There is no exact scale to measure for good supplier but we recommend suppliers with registered capital is more than $3 million.

Import LED Tv from China Regulations and Safety Standards

If you belong to the United States, Canada, Europe or Australia.

Then you got a trouble. You’re not simply permissible to import LED Tv, only LED screens compliant with appropriate product guidelines. Rule of law and consumer protection can be a pain sometimes.

Confirming submission would be simple if it were not to the point that stating any of the several certification principles in the EU or the US leaves most led screen China manufacturers inexperienced. While LED screen China manufacturers are more probable to have their papers in place than suppliers in further industries, it is not to be taken for granted. The first thing you shall do when communicating a new supplier is asking them if they are compliant with any of the following certification principles or not:

  • CE RoHS or CE EMC Class A or EMC Class B (European Union)
  • FCC, EMC, or UL(United States)

So it is advisable to validate supplier for compliance with safety guidelines before placing an order otherwise you might face some issues of product recalling or even a complaint in case someone is wounded.

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