Guidelines, Safety Morals and Labelling Necessities of Outdoor Wear in China

outdoor clothing manufacturers in china
outdoor clothing manufacturers in china

Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in China

There are thousands of Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in China, Outdoor attire is not controlled as a group of products. The very same morals and guidelines that apply to all types of attire are also appropriate for Outdoor attire. As such, buyers must keep track in the United States and the European Union of the following values and guidelines:

  • California – Proposition 65
  • Care Label Classification
  • Yarn Composition Classification
  • Country of Origin Classification

Notice that we are drawing a dissimilarity between compulsory substance regulations, and deliberate technical values. For the final, there are really many values that do apply more or less exact to Outdoor wear. A few examples from the list of ASTM  that is called American Society for Testing and Materials standards are as under:

  1. ASTM D1047 – 11: Standard Description for Polyvinyl Chloride Coat for Wire and Cable.
  1. ASTM F2732 – 11: Standard Practice for Defining the Temperature Ratings for Cold Weather Protective Attire.
  1. STP900: Presentation of Defensive Attire

ASTM morals are normally there are exceptions, as stated not compulsory safety values. Though, they do describe the enactment and quality of the manufactured goods. As such, we should identify if any ASTM or other product values apply to our manufactured goods, and then communicate these as exact wants with our dealer. Although some manufacturers may apply certain product values as part of company policy, most will not without openly instructed to do so by their clients.

Buyers of Outdoor wear that are based in the European Union looking to identify appropriate standards and commands can buy ready-made lists on the site of Product IP. Though as far as we are alert, no equivalent survives for American values.

Reminder: Further guidelines apply to Outdoor apparel and other attire for children. There are another couple of articles also available to get extra knowledge about importing clothes of Children from China like CPSIA (Children’s Products Importing from China to the US), Toy Safety and EN 71 While Importing Products From China etc.

Outdoor Clothing Manufacturers in China

Trade Shows of Outdoor Wear in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Trade Show of Asia Outdoor

  • Place: Nanjing, Jiangsu
  • Period: June / July
  • Website: Click here
  • Manufactured goods list
  • Outdoor attires
  • Outdoor shoes
  • Mountaineering and climbing materials
  • Related goods and services, accessories, tools, and resources etc. in the Travel & Tourism industry

Fashion Trade Show of Global Sources

  • Place: Hong Kong S.A.R
  • Period: January (Fall / Winter) and July (Spring / Summer)
  • Website: Click here
Manufactured goods list
  • Suitcase & Luggage
  • Fashion jewellery
  • Scarves & Gloves
  • Belts & Foot Wear
  • Equipment
  • Anklet
  • Eye-wear
  • Fabrics, Tie & Equipment
  • Sweater & Knitted Garments
  • Sports Attire
  • Spontaneous Wear
  • Down Coat & Outerwear
  • Underclothing & Nightwear
  • Beachwear & Swimsuit

Region Fair Phase 3 in Guangzhou

  • Place: Guangzhou, Guangdong
  • Period: April/May and October/November
  • Website: Click here
  • Manufactured goods list
  • Men and Women’ Attire
  • Kids’ Attire
  • Underclothing
  • Sports and Casual Attire
  • Fuzzes, Leather, Downs & Related Goods
  • Fashion Equipment and Fittings
  • Home Fabrics
  • Fabric Raw Materials & Cloths
  • Mats & Tapestries
  • Shoes
  • Office Materials
  • Suitcases and Bags
  • Sports, Travel and Recreation Goods

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