The Logistics Exporting from China by Air

Logistics Exporting by air
The Logistics Exporting from China by Air

                            The Logistics Exporting from China by Air

As we all are aware of sea cargo now we are coming across to Logistics Exporting by air.This time we are writing about the procedure to send small quantities and sample in and out of China by air and the best way to send wide quantities of products above 100 kg out of mainland China.

Air Cargo

Parcels which are more than 100 to 200 kg, delivered by cargo planes that are run on a fixed schedule by commercial airlines is more cost-effective than using courier services such as

  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
  • TNT.

The procedure of air cargo is actually very similar to that of sea cargo— it is a little easier and definitely much quicker.

Just like with sea cargo, the goods need to be transported to the airport. Shipping must be prepared from the destination airport to the final warehouse, to save money, some traders rent a truck to pick up the goods at the airport. If a broker is required for customs authorization.

 A little extra notes about the logistics of exporting from China

Maximum companies including producers, trading and forwarders of freight have no export license in China and so far to handle the export procedure. More or less corporations do have that license and give it on rent to others. It is fully authorized but adds one more link in the supply chain and one more part that might fail resulting in postponements or disclosure of confidential data.

Once the license is hired out, the license owner gets a VAT refund which is up to 17% of their goods commercial value from the goods authorization. Remember that, as the importer we will not know the value that was declared to Chinese customs. This is hidden in the procedure. It is not essentially the same as the value of the invoice we received.


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