Visiting the The Red Dragon country-China! Here are few point to watch out for

How to avoid medical emergencies in China

Before visiting the country consult your doctor on the important immunization to be taken care of and also confirm on your fitness level.

If you are coming from an infected country then make sure you have proper medical documents to support the vaccinations you have received.

Avoid having locally available drinking water. Always go for packaged water bottles available easily in stores.

Always avoid raw or under cooked food, especially fruits with peels and meat. You cannot be sure on how hygienic they can be.

Travel insurance is mandatory while travelling in the interiors of the country. Make sure it has the option of sudden evacuation in case of emergency.

Consult your doctor for any heart related condition in case you would be visiting any high altitude area in the region.

While visiting rural crowded areas always use mask to avoid airborne infection.

Always keep your medicines and supporting medical documents recommended by your doctor handy so that in case of emergency they are always with you.

Keep your personal medical kit having the basic medicines need by you in case of any illness.

The urban cities have the really good medical facilities where you can go cashless depending on your travel insurance however in rural or remote areas one need to ensure enough cash to be able to make payments.



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