Sachin Tendulkar Boosts Women’s Position in Development

Sachin Tendulkar boosts women’s position in development
Sachin Tendulkar boosts women’s position in development

AURANGABAD: Swati Ghogare belongs to Donja village of Osmanabad region has been vigorously taking part in the development of her rural community since last year, August.
It is a truly a great opportunity for us and we cannot avoid it at all,” said the 30-year-old who has dreamed of becoming a teacher once upon a time.
Added words from ToI, Ayush Prasad, Osmanabad district assistant collector, “Tendulkar along with his team were not pleased with it, added that they could consider taking out from the rural community if it persists to be missing. However, local women were excited using distinct modes and completed piece of decision procedure in the development work which was proposed earlier,”
A sequence of extraordinary village-level meeting just conducted from the time when the village was accepted by Tendulkar last year in a month of August. A team of TATA Institute of Social Sciences, with all areas, particularly recognize the areas of development and progress.


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