Over $2 Billion Mark Crossed in Indian Investment by Amazon

Amazon Invested Money India
Amazon Invested Money India

After Flipkart finalizes its sale with Snapdeal, it has established itself as India’s as well as the world’s largest e-commerce player, Amazon rushes to secure its place in the Indian market by pumping into its Indian investments. Amazon Invested Money India.

Amazon has invested a great sum of money in India over the years

Amazon has invested a great sum of money in India over the years in order to strengthen its position. In 2014 Jeff Bezos, the Amazon chief executive made the initial $2 billion investment commitment and Amazon India has said to have already received more than Rs15,000 crore.

Ever since its launch in June 2013, Amazon India has almost doubled its authorized capital to about Rs16,000 crore. From last year December to the latest June, Amazon has invested twice in its Indian marketplace—a Rs2,010 crore infusion.

These investments will be used by Amazon India for the construction of warehouses, logistics units, focused marketing, discounts as well as increasing product variety, which is said to be the largest in India according to the company.

Amazon plans

Amazon plans to use this investment in creating the needed infrastructure and technology to grow the company and make it more popular among the Indian customer base.

Previously there were about four e-commerce companies competing in the e-commerce race in India but with Flipkart’s buying another rival Snapdeal this race only has two main players, Amazon and Flipkart. The sale of Snapeal was arranged by Soft Bank; Snapdeal’s largest investor. This unprecedented move by Flipkart has upped the race thus forcing Amazon India to up its game.


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