Google is Having High Stakes on the Next Future of Technology: AI

Google High Stakes Next Future Technology
Google is having high stakes on the next future of technology: AI

Google is Having High Stakes on the Next Future of Technology

Google has become the most desirable search engine in today’s virtually dependent world. Apart from that, it has always been a trend setter too. When it was acclaimed as is, how could it ignore the next best thing to happen? The future of technology – Artificial Intelligence!

The company has always been investing in hi-tech virtual and augmented reality and with Sundar Pichai’s upcoming into the board of management; things did not change a lot on this front. He has been elaborating about the company’s plans and scope about adopting AI in the near future. In fact, Google Lens has been one big step towards showcasing the adoption of this phase of technology.

In fact, Google’s phone – Pixel has also picked up a lot of features from Ai – one of it being one of the best camera qualities that can pick up images and understanding image makeups.

Other top notch companies investing in this big idea

It has also been reported that Google is not the only company to be spending money on research and adoption of machines that can adapt hi tech intelligence. Other big companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft have also been shelling out a lot of funds into this arena which is considered to be the next big reality of the virtual world. From Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft’s Xbox, these companies have been on the right track.

Pichai has been talking and taking over this topic in all his global summits and has been busily launching software’s like Cloud TPU and AutoML.


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