‘I will never be Howard Schultz’ says the new CEO of Starbucks

Kevin Johnson CEO Starbucks
Kevin Johnson CEO Starbucks

Kevin Johnson CEO Starbucks

After taking Starbucks to great heights in the past 30 years Howard Schultz is stepping down as its CEO and passing on the reins of this global coffee shop chain to Kevin Johnson. It will not be easy for Johnson to fulfill the key role previously handled by Schultz.

Johnson is quoted saying that he has learned a lot from Schultz and he will never be Howard Schultz. However, he hopes that he will be able to take the Starbucks brand to new heights with the guidance of Schultz.

Shultz guidance for Johnson

In 2015 when Johnson joined the Starbucks board as a chief operating officer, he worked closely with Schultz to strategize and develop the brand further. Their amazing partnership is greatly reflected in December released Starbucks’ five-year strategic plan which they both co-authored.

This partnership is being possible due to their constant communication through the door that connects their offices; this door allows Johnson to consult Schultz multiple times a day. There had been speculations that Schultz is looking to start his career in politics but Johnson selfishly hoped that he wouldn’t do so because he needed Schultz in the next door office to help him out.

Over the years Starbucks brand has actively fought many social injustices and performed numerous social services thus making this a core aspect of the brand. Johnson plans to uphold these core values and help in the further development of the brand. Johnson has stepped into the role of CEO on 3rd April and his impact on the brand has yet to be seen however his plans for the brand are quite impressive.


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