Microsoft Redundancy in Jobs: A Nightmare Comes True

Microsoft redundancy in jobs: a nightmare comes true, Microsoft Redundancy Jobs
Microsoft redundancy in jobs: a nightmare comes true

Microsoft announced the commencement of the layoffs on July 7, 2017. It was a much expected event and has been speculated since many days but a few days back, the company made it a reality through an official notification. Moreover, all this has occurred around the discharging days of the budgetary year of the company, the season of headcounts.

The reason behind the layoff:

The most specific and obvious reason for this firm decision is the company’s efforts to promote its clouding platform- Azure which is constantly facing tough competition by the grand names “Google” and “Amazon” in the same field. It is being seen as a step that would enable this giant IT firm to concentrate on its clouding platform since the reorganizing of the task force might help it to gain increased investment opportunities.

Who is going to the most affected out of the lot?

In a statement given to CNBC, one of the spokesperson of Microsoft said that “we are taking steps to notify some of our employees that their jobs are under consideration or that their positions will be eliminated”. However, it is being assumed that most of the jobs will be cut off for the employees working outside the US. Even Microsoft itself has notified that “most of the layoff will primarily affect the non-US employees and the sales staff.”

There are thousands of job cut offs being anticipated like the previous layoff that occurred in the Washington based Microsoft, Redmond in the recent years.



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