John Flannery: The New Face of General Electric Co.

John Flannery CEO of General Electric
John Flannery CEO of General Electric

John Flannery CEO of General Electric Co.

John Flannery: the new face of General Electric Co., The General Electric (GE) Co. has recently appointed John Flannery as the new CEO of the company. John Flannery is known to have a good experience in this field as the private equity executive and has been selected due to his extraordinary skills of handling critical situations and exceptional leadership qualities.

Life before becoming Mr. CEO:

Born in Alexandria to a bank executive, Mr. Flannery’s career commenced his career with General Electric in the year 1997 after his graduation from business school at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked abroad, in Latin America for GE and later went on to explore the business opportunities in Asia and India where the company had recently started first ever loss profit firm for the country. It was in the year 2013 when he joined the corporate office and then there was no looking back for him. He took many non-conventional decisions that brought him into the limelight but involved big risks at the same time. His quality of facing the risks confidently and having the guts to take up new initiatives are counted among some of the prime reasons for his appointment as the CEO.

What makes him fit for such a post?

Mr. Flannery has a pretty good amount of work experience with GE and has been serving the company since the very starting of his career. This point proved to play in his favor when the appointment of the new CEO was being thought of. Also, his brave decision making mingled with inclusive leadership and long visionary also helped him in securing this position.


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