Tata Declares Major Price Cuts on Their Cars Post GST

Tata Declares Major Price Cuts Cars Post GST
Tata Declares Major Price Cuts Cars Post GST

Following the league of Maruti Suzuki, Ford and Honda, Tata was no way behind in taking a major decision of reducing the prices of their four wheel vehicles offered to the customers. Post 1st July, every tax would be merged into one single tax – Goods & Services Tax (GST).

Based on the model offered for sale, the prices have been slashed for all models of Tata, with prices ranging from Rs. 3,300 to Rs. 2, 17, 000. These slashed down prices include the latest models as well including Tata Hexa and Tigor.

Price cuts depends on model and segment of the vehicle

It has been reported that sedan cars and Tata’s exclusive Nano has witnessed up to 12% of price deduction on all entry level cars and going up to all models of MUV, that include Tata Hexa, one of the latest car ranges launched by the company.

While smaller cars have undergone 12%, it has been seen that the SUV models of this company has seen even a greater change in prices, on which Tata is yet to share a complete list of model wise price reduction.

Different cities, different prices

In the pre GST era, cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai had high tax slabs and hence the rates before GST were higher. Thus, when the prices are going down, these cities will experience a higher prices reduction than the vehicles of other cities.

As per the new norms under GST, the prices reduction shall fall in the range of 1.75% to 12%.


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