Fashion Designer Julian Chang – A Fashion Designer with a Difference

Fashion Designer Julian Chang
Julian Chang – A Fashion Designer with a Difference

                   Fashion Designer Julian Chang

They say clothes make a woman. Every woman likes to dress nicely and fashion designer Julian Chang, with his bold prints and signature silhouettes, certainly knows how to dress a woman and make her turn heads wherever she goes.

In the world of high fashion, Julian Chang is an internationally reputed fashion designer with a difference. He is the COO/CEO and Head Designer of his own designer label. Julian was born and brought up in Lima, Peru before he moved to the United States of America. Julian had always wanted to be a fashion designer. He completed his BA in Fashion Design from the Miami International University of Art and Design.

During his stint at design school, he interned as an illustrator in magazines and did some freelance design for men and women’s fashion wear and swimwear and gathered valuable work experience. After graduation, Julian started working for a large design company. An early bloomer, from Assistant Designer he became Head Designer in a matter of just eight months and this rapid growth, gave him the right confidence to launch his own designer label for developing fashions based on his own vision.

Fashion Designer Julian Chang
Julian Chang – A Fashion Designer with a Difference

Julian’s Vision

Julian wants to create fashions that are both sexy and comfortable, that would make his customers feel good about them all day and evening. He listens to his customers’ demands and needs carefully, before coming up with designs uniquely suited to them.

Strategic Location

The location of his design house in the city of Miami, Florida helps him to give a touch of the Miami sense of style and excitement to his fashion designs for customers all over the world. Visit Julian Chang

Julian’s Work

Julian is well known for his use of bold prints and signature silhouettes. His designs that reflect the Miami way of life have been worn by celebrities like Gloria Estefan and Britney Spears. Publications like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Lucky, and Vanidades have showcased his work in their magazines. Julian Chang’s brand is known internationally for women’s apparel and over 600 high-fashion boutiques carry his design both in the United States of America as well as other countries.


Julian has won the Miami International Fashion Week Pret-a-Porter Designer of the Year, the Ebenezer Award of Honor World Fashion in Korea, and The Key to The City of Miami Beach. Julian Chang was selected by Women’s Wear Daily as the “Up and Coming Ready-to-Wear Designer to Watch”.

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