How to Import Denim from the USA?

Import Denim USA
How to Import Denim from the USA?

Import Denim USA

In this Blog, we will come across about how to import denim USA. Denim – an important fabric type and a much-preferred clothing material in every men’s and women’s closet all over the world, is also an important clothing material that is widely imported all over the world.

American Denims have a wide popularity across the retailers as the USA has been the place where Denim has become popular since the 19th Century. Several countries import denim from the USA with China topping the imports in the world market.

Reasons, why Import Denim USA is a Preferred Clothing Material is Because-

  • The durability of the Denim imported from the USA is considered high
  • The rates at which the several meters of Denim are procured from the USA is cheaper comparatively
  • Denim from the USA can be chosen based on your needs; the fabrics can be made available in several variants such as stretch, non-stretch, prints, and color-dyed, etc.

Those are enough reasons to import from the USA, isn’t it? But if you are wondering how to get started with the process of importing denim from the USA, here are some tips:

  1. Choose a Bulk Order Delivering Vendor

    – E.g.: Hyde Park Denim in the United States does business with Small & Medium Business retailers, who are willing to order a minimum of 50 yards of denim material. They also have an online channel. Where you can place your requirements and the vendors typically get back to you if they are interested in the deal.

  1. Choose an Online Vendor who Typically Takes an order over a B2B Storefront and Ships the Merchandise to you

    – Such vendors usually charge you for the freight that you choose and it will be borne by the importer. Online vendors normally have a return policy against which the merchandise can be exchanged.                                                                                –Some vendors also get back unused merchandise from you as long the material is correct, not tampered or damaged. But they may charge you a restocking fee for the unused materials.

In either of the above cases, the shipment once packed and ready to be delivered by your vendor has to adhere to the norms of the importing country. The customs duty and the associated charges are in line with the governing body of the country which is importing the denim package.

In India, each denim shipment that arrives at the port via the sea has to carry the relevant code against with they can levy the customs duty. The HS Code for Denims is 62046200 and the associated customs duty levied on this is at least 10% minimally. Some hurdles that you might want to plan for if you are importing denim to India are:

  • Currency rate (Rupee vs Dollar exchange rate)
  • Duty structure changes with changes to price of the merchandise
  • Denim specifically falls under different heads, so be mindful of the category under which you choose your shipment for customs checking

Hope that the process to import denim from the USA can be made simpler by adopting some calculations to handle your shipment wisely.

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