How to Import T Shirt From USA?

Import T Shirt From USA
Import T Shirt From USA

Import T Shirt From USA

Here we reveal about some important facts about How Import T shirt from USA. The United States of America has been the birthplace of fashion brands. Be it from Jeans, summer wear, Clothes for spring, etc., USA has promoted the exports of its fashion imprint to all global locations.

But do not be surprised when we tell you that the United States do not fall under the top 15 countries who are leading exporters of T Shirts. This is primarily because most of the T Shirts exported from other nations cultivate and process their own raw-material for the making of T Shirts i.e. Cotton.

Bangladesh & India are the prime most nations that are involved in T Shirts exports to various other nations.

Despite this, the T Shirts from the USA are still sought after the most because of the brand image that they carry and major companies have their origins from the United States of America. So let us pursue further to see how T Shirts of such brands can be imported from the USA.

Let’s walk through the below guidelines

  1. Identify the seller/vendor through a formalized process of exchanging of samples, either in person or through the appropriate channels
  2. If the samples was examined by you and by the people who influence your business, you finalize the terms and conditions on your deal – specifically the payment terms and the delivery schedule oriented conditions. Some payment terms are Letter of Credit, Documents against Payments, Documents against Acceptance, etc.
  3. Once this is finalized, as an importer or buyer, you are entitled to issue the proforma invoice to your T Shirt dealer
  4. In return for your invoice, you will receive the export order from your vendor or dealer from the United States confirming the readiness to ship/export the required merchandise. The export order needs to carry all the information regarding the T Shirts goods with specifics on its quantity, per piece value, total order and shipment costs
  5. As a buyer/ importer, you can now issue the purchase order from your end on the receipt of the export order.
  6. The finance needed for importing the merchandise from the United States can be arranged with a financial institution.
  7. It can either be done as pre-shipment packing credit or
  8. Post shipment finance against the export orders from the vendor
  9. As an importer, you can avail the insurance for the shipment too.

Most of the imports are done through sea

  • After selecting the appropriate containers for the merchandise to be shipped from the United States.
  • The shipment is prepared by the vendor along with the export invoice, export packing list, certificate of origin issued by the country based on the purchase order submitted by the importer
  • Before the shipment begins its journey towards the destination country,
  • The export clearance customs is obtained by the vendor in the United States and
  • The Bill of Lading is issued by the carrier.

The shipment should not forget the HS code to be associated with the Import T Shirt From USA. Every package that sets on its export journey from the USA needs to have this information mapped to it. Hope the guidelines will help every entrepreneur to boldly set foot into shipping T Shirts from the USA for business purposes.

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