The Second Saturday of August 2017 Marks the International Youth Day

International Youth Day
The Second Saturday of August 2017 Marks the International Youth Day

International Youth Day

The 12th day of August every year is celebrated as one of the most important days – the International Youth Day. The entire world knows that it is the youth who is the future of the world and hence it is very important for them to be smart, emphatic and intellectual.

There are various celebrations and events organized in the world to promote awareness of the World Program of Action for the youth.

The Theme of the event

To be able to hold events like this across the globe, there is a committee called the UN Inter agency network, which focuses mainly on the development of the youth. The theme of this day is always decided unanimously by the members of this committee. The theme for the year 2016 was The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production. It was a big year and the shows and events that happened across the world pertaining to this theme were recorded to be a great success.  Trying to carry on the legacy, the theme for 2017 was chosen to be youth building peace.

The Inter Agency network also works towards encouraging the younger generation to conduct activities and events across the globe in order to spread awareness of any grave situation that may affect the world – peace, unity at large.

The reason to select this theme

In 2015, there was an adoption of a council called the Security Council Resolution 2250. This council laid its focus on empowering the youth in any form it could. Since the adoption of this council happened, there had been a significant increase in the awareness of the latest trends in the youth.

They had observed that if there are positive change agents in the system, it is easier to spread change and it becomes a little easier for people to adopt to changes. It was also seen that it is the youth who play a major role in taking action on critical actions and major issues that are going in the world.

As an observant on these effects, this year’s theme was chosen to be able to dedicate this day to celebrate all those contributions made by the younger generation. This theme was also chosen in order to remove all suspicions on the base of gender, inclusion, justice and peace.

SO, let us all wait and watch to see how this colorful this event for the year has been.


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