Convert Your Single SIM Phone into a Dual SIM

Convert single SIM phone dual SIM
Convert your single SIM phone into a dual SIM

Convert single SIM phone dual SIM

Investments in phones have been a major venture these days. Be it a high-end phone or a basic phone that has lots of features; every person today has a phone. But what about those people who need to have two phones because they are using two numbers? Worry not people, as here are some ways which will help you to convert your Single SIM phone into a Dual SIM phone-

Invest in a Dual SIM adapter

There are lots of companies in the market that bring to you the option of dual Sim card adapters – they allow you to insert two sim cards in your phone’s sim slot. They are sold with thin cable wires that are to be connected to your current Sim card holder and thus this extension will allow you to add two Sim cards. The extended cable wire is of high quality and can be bent, hence increasing the capacity of usage. It can have connectivity for a NANO or a MICRO sim. The back side of this adapter can be used to hide the additional sim when not in use.

Other versions of the same adapter can allow you to connect three Sims at a single time. These adapters are compatible with both Android and Apple phones.

Go wireless by buying a wireless SIM card adapter

This is an advanced version of a SIM card adapter. It looks like a power bank and allows you to put one sim in this. Then connect this adapter to your phone and you will be able to receive messages, calls, and notifications of this number into your phone that already has another SIM. These adapters are priced at about $50 to $60 depending on the model.

You can also download apps and connect them to either of the two numbers, all thanks to this extended adapter. Some companies that manufacture this adapter also has an in built notification that comes up when you tend to go away from this adapter with your phone. It alerts you so that you know your phone is away from the adapter and that signals may get affected because of that.

This adapter allows you to use the Bluetooth option to your existing phone. So, what are you waiting for? Lots of companies are new in the market but are accepting pre – orders for one of these two adapters. Book one for yourself today.



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