A New App to Support Government Services – UMANG

New App Support Government Services – UMANG
A New App to Support Government Services – UMANG

    New App Support Government Services – UMANG

All of us are aware of New App Support Government Services – UMANG. How many of us have been to e-seva for multiple services offered by the Government? With technology replacing most of the services and centers, how could Government services be left behind? With this new app, UMANG, the Government aims at replacing most of the services. It focuses to address most of the issues of the public at large.

One of the senior executives reported quoting that “Since most government services will be linked to Aadhaar, it makes sense to integrate it with UMANG,”. He quoted this by laying his referring on the Unified Mobile App that is being introduced for the New-Age Governance that focuses on a new mobile gateway catering to state and central Government needs.

How will this app authenticate information?

Since the Government has made it mandatory to link Aadhar card with all other personal information, this app will also use the same information. This app will be a one stop app for all Government services thus enabling everybody to have just this one app whose registration is very simple, once you link your Aadhar Card.

eKYC to be a part of this app

When Government has been promoting eKYC, why not use it in their own apps. Thus, it is expected that by 2019, there will be about 200 apps part of this project. All of these will provide Aadhar card based eKYC documents submission platform and digi lockers for all its users. It will also enable PayGov – a Government approved payment gateway system, thus creating one of the most secure payment methods.

Customization in the app

Sources reveal that this app will have a separate section where all the registered citizens will have the option of updating their preferences through customizing the app based on their requirement. They can also save their frequently accessed services in the form of shortcuts. One more added advantage will be the preference of languages. These customized options will be available for each and every service that this app will provide. Through this initiative, there will be less of data entry job for both the customer and the back end team. The already existing app, Mobile Seva will be slowly scrapped out once this app comes into full swing. This app is the extended version of the old app, with much more advanced features and multiple apps facilities into one. Let’s wait and watch!


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