The USA Largest Producer and Exporter of Soybean

USA Largest Producer Exporter Soybean
USA Largest Producer and Exporter of Soybean

USA largest producer and exporter of Soybean – Related Insights & Statistics

Do we all are aware that  USA largest producer exporter Soybean? Soybean is an important legume and a healthy ingredient of most of the diets for its protein content. It is compared at par with meat, and milk products.

Because of its richness in amino acids and its high protein content, Soybean is an important part of growth associated foods like protein powders, gluten-free flour, and soybean vegetable oil. Though Asia was its source of cultivation, the rich produce of Soybean is now witnessed in the west with the United States being the leading cultivator of Soybean. They export a major portion of the Soybean reap to the other parts of the world.

Soybean usage has also increased in the production of Soy Oil which is in turn used to fuel combustion engines. This is a factor that has been impacting the prices of Soybean in the USA as soy oil is closely associated with the biodiesel demand. The harvests of Soybean in the USA happen in the months of September or October with its cultivation that begins in May or early June.

Soy Insights: USA largest producer exporter Soybean

The long-term direction of the Soybean production in the USA is completely governed by the United Soybean Board. This board surveys through its industry experts all the global market dynamics and determine the future of Soybean in the USA with regards to its production and exports. Through this, it is able to assess the challenges and opportunities of the market and suggest the same to its partners to incorporate the strategies that arise out of the analysis.

Some of the key insights to get higher production of Soybean is determined by the below:

  • Fertility – Soil fertility is a crucial aspect for the cultivation of Soybean. Feed the soil with enough nutrients and organic matter levels and enhance its ability to produce rich Soybean Crops
  • Rotation – Alternate the cultivation of corn in the fields where it is intended to grow Soybean. A cycle of 3 years of corn prior to Soybean cultivation is believed to avoid diseases to the crops
  • Planting time – Early planting always help. As suggested, late April or early May is best suited for the crops
  • Right crop – The genetics of the crop is yet another factor that comes into play. There are better varieties and the right seed to choose for the cultivation
  • Seed treatments – Recorded seed treatment strategies are proven to help while the crop emerges from it. It is advised to perform the treatment with the right rhizobial inoculant to compensate for the nitrogen content needed by the crop to grow
  • Preventive measures – The apt fungicide/ insecticide combination can better the growth of the soybean crops and give a better yield. Herbicides are seeing an increase in demand in the cultivation market due to its benefits of being natural and causing almost no damage to the crops.
These statistics may interest you about the Soybean produce in the USA and made USA Largest Producer Exporter Soybean-
  1. United States Department of Agriculture confirms that 34 percent of the world’s soybean production is accounted by the United States
  2. Within its own nation’s oilseed production, 90 percent of the oilseeds are Soybean and they account for the major production
  3. Considering the exports, Soybean has a 42 percent market share and the USA is the largest exporter of raw Soybean to the rest of the world
  4. Soybean is one of the prime crops that has a dedicated 34 million hectares of land dedicated to its cultivation
  5. The average plantations of Soybean are in these states in the USA – Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
  6. Larger yields are witnessed from these states in the USA – Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana

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