A Road to the Right Startups

Ultimate Startup Guide
A Road to the Right Startups

Ultimate Startup Guide

Startups – it is no more a new word for anyone not only in India but also across the globe. Today, the concept of startups has hit the bar high and it is becoming an ecosystem which is highly competitive. Every day a budding entrepreneur wakes up to a new dream of fulfilling it. Some make it while others still struggle.

The startups have been proven to bring in loads of benefits to the economy to – jobs, new products and services, innovations and a new hope. Usually, the entrepreneurs are given a lifeline by allowing them some grace time to settle into the ecosystem. While this is happening, the role of a mentor comes in.

The ultimate guide for start-ups: The Startup Guide

Yes! This is the good news for all those budding founders and entrepreneurs who are on the lookout for someone to help them test the waters. The Startup Guide is written exclusively for all those people who wish to take a dip in the huge ocean of start-ups.

Also, it is beneficial to those who are already half in there.

What is Startup Guide?

The team of Startup Guide has built their Bible for the past 20 years. They have collated information, questions, and answers, solutions from loads of successful and unsuccessful investors, entrepreneurs, and VCs from Silicon Valley.

The contents of Startup Guide

  • Introduction to Startup Guide
  • Solving important problems
  • Validating your solution
  • How to get up start-up traction and social proof?
  • The art of selling
  • Startup Business Plan
  • Double down on Startup Marketing
  • Funding the startup
  • Startup Advice
  • Startup Checklist
  • Tools and resources
  • FAQs

They may not have all the answers to the questions, but they are the people who will guide you to the right channel so that you have the ultimate guidance throughout the journey.


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