How to Import Smartphones From the USA?

Import Smartphones USA
How to Import Smartphones from the USA?

Import Smartphones USA

The United States of America is one of the prime regions of the world that has the privilege of many devices being released ahead of time compared to the very own country that you may live in. Prior to the importing of phones, you just need to ensure that you are importing the right device to be used in your country. Things to note in that aspect are:

  • The charging point used in the mobile phones needs to be a one that can be plugged easily into your electrical sockets too. So ensure you are importing the ones that are compatible or have a USB charger that can be fitted to any custom charging socket that you may own
  • The phones from the USA also need to adhere to your country’s mobile bands (Eg: 3G, 4G that correlate to the frequency of the transmission). You can validate the phone’s supporting capabilities by visiting the manufacturer’s site and checking the phone’s specifications
  • Phones in the USA are generally locked to work with its own mobile networks. There are unlocked versions of the mobile devices too! You either import the ones that come unlocked or handle the unlocking of the device once it arrives in your country

The Import Process

The simplest option and the most used one is to ask a friend or a family relative carries the device for you when they are traveling from the USA.

Alternatively, many adopt an import service that is available online like BigApplyBuddy. You can request online quotes by visiting their website for all devices that you wish to import from the USA. Such import services let you know of the total amount involved in procuring the mobile phones from the USA.

Other online channels like eBay sell mobile devices manufactured or refurbished in the USA and that can be shipped to your country.

Bulk imports need to comply with the guidelines that are normally expected by the Government of the country to which you are importing the mobile devices. In countries like India, the CIF value of the import of consumer goods for personal use has increased to 50000 INR which means you can bring mobile devices of this worth to India from the USA. For every device that exceeds this value, excise duty at customs is to be paid for the import – valued at 18% of the price of the goods.

Bulk imports to take care of the below:
  • Only phones with a valid IMEI number can be imported from the USA
  • Import, Export code for mobiles to be mentioned while processing the shipment
  • All shipments to be processed through authenticated shipping providers like FedEx, UPS or DHL
  • Customs clearance will be important for the use of the goods in the country to which the mobile phones have been imported to

Though a little complex, bulk imports are still possible with mobile devices from the USA and they can be handled for subsequent sales.


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