The Success Journey of the CEO of Priya Hotels

Hotel Priya Agra
Gaurav Gupta--Hotel Priya

Hotel Priya Agra

February’2011 is a year that the Gupta family will remember forever as that was the year when the first, the foundation of Hotel Priya Agra was implanted. The actual foundation was laid in October’2015 when this hotel started operating in full swing, under the guidance of the young and enthusiastic man – Mr. Gaurav Gupta.

Vision Of Mr. Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta took over this hotel business with a solo vision of engaging the entire hotel in delivering quality accommodation to the customers at the best possible prices. To be able to achieve this vision, Mr. Gupta did not hesitate to stretch for long hours – he used to work for almost 18 hours so that he could attain the vision and dream of the founders of the hotel.

The Success of Priya Hotels Agra

Under the leadership of Mr. Gaurav Gupta and his zeal to make it big, the hotel was able to revive from the losses that it was facing at the time when he took over. Once losses were recovered, Gaurav wanted to move one step beyond and focused on building a brand than just attaining profits. Surprisingly, this man was able to achieve this and today the hotel is well known in the city of Agra for the excellent customer service that it provides. It is known as one of the best hotels in the segment of budget friendly hotels.

About Hotel Priya

This hotel has well accommodated 18 rooms that are a perfect fit for all those guests who wish to stay in a budget hotel. It is a renowned name in the economy hotel segment of Agra. Hotel Priya is known to provide affordable yet modern comforts in all forms – be it room service or food services. It is known to maintain high standards in all the services they provide.
“Often economy hotels are characterized with a limited range of services but our attentive and personalized service includes the variety. We pay optimum heed that, so the services are executed promptly. We at HOTEL PRIYA have always worked on the trust and confidence of our guests and always make sure our guests leave with a good memory and a smile on their face.” Says Mr. Gaurav Gupta.
After successfully establishing a brand of Hotel Priya, Gaurav went a step ahead to launch a whole new venture under the brand name – ‘PRIYA VOYAGES’ that focuses on providing amazing tours within Northern India customized based on tourist’s budgets. The services of this venture include cab booking, air and rail ticket bookings, hotel bookings, tour guide services and foreign exchange services.

About Priya Voyages

This new venture of Mr. Gaurav Gupta aims at providing a wholesome travel guide of the country to all those who wish to explore the Northern India. They are an all India-based organization that specializes in Travel and tour services.


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