Interview with Assistant Manager Marketing, Ms. Aditi Verma, Jaypee Palace Hotel

Jaypee Palace Hotel, Luxury Hotels in Agra
Interview with Assistant Manager Marketing, Ms. Aditi Verma, Jaypee Palace Hotel

Interview with Assistant Manager Marketing,

Ms. Aditi Verma, Jaypee Palace Hotel

Apart from world-class service and amazing hospitality in Jaypee Palace Hotel, what makes a luxury hotel famous?
It is the marketing strategies and the way the hotel communicates its offers to its existing and prospective customers. Isn’t it?

Luxury Hotels in Agra, Jaypee Palace Hotel

It has been surveyed and noticed that almost 82% customers would discontinue choosing a particular service if the customer experience and communication are not good enough. Now, the definition of ‘good enough’ is different for every guest and Ms. Aditi Verma knows this too well. Heading the Marketing & Communication department as an assistant manager, of Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre, she rightly knows that the key to having an ever-expanding repeat customer base is understanding their needs and creating value through our product offerings and services.

She adds on, by stating that right from the time the customer enquires for the property to the time he has used the product and services, the team at Jaypee Palace Hotels ensures that they are well taken care of.

The top class services include Pre Stay to Post Stay e-feedback systems along with gratitude e-messages and effective loyalty programs. The customers appreciate the excellent personalized services and value offerings that the hotel provides, which is what sets the hotel apart from their competition.

Aditi Verma: Her Approach to Work

She describes herself as a creative thinker and approachable at work. Though she comes from a non-hospitality background, she has a zeal to constantly tackle challenging projects and constantly evolve her learning graph, which she believes is what contributes to her success. Her key roles and responsibilities are to set and enforce brand standards, define PR, communication, advertising, event and promotional strategies along with developing guest loyalty programs and pervasive social media strategic engagements. “As a marketing and communications professional, my endeavor is to create value, capture value and develop key strategies to sustain this captured value. Keeping budgets in mind and continuously build a stable revenue base, we use varied dynamics of the marketing channels to optimize our reach to the potential guests and ensure high levels of repeat business” says the proud Assistant Manager

Aditi Verma’s View on the Guests

Being a part of the management, Aditi knows that she has to constantly be on her toes to
gauge the guest needs. She is well aware of the fact that the guest nowadays is
always on the go and are well connected with each other, all thanks to the global digital
platform through their mobile phones, tablets etc.Using this piece of information, she states that,

We highlight our USPs – Be it our largest room inventory, food and beverage outlets or the largest convention center etc through a user-friendly website, mobile application, social media handles digital customer feedback systems etc”.

Speaking about the future, she quotes that their way forward is sure to effectively brand Jaypee Palace Hotel as the best destination for weddings and world-class conferences and a leisure travel destination. They have the best products to offer and the best team to make this dream come true.

About Jaypee Hotels & Resorts

The Jaypee Hotel & Resorts is a renowned luxury hotel chain that believes in top class customer service. They have 4 hotels located across 3 locations – Agra, Delhi, Greater Noida, and Mussoorie. This group has a chain of luxury and deluxe hotels across the country
and it has not only emerged as one of the most trusted brands in the sector of hospitality, but it has been building on its value system and customer experience big time. Their primary focus is to deliver world-class customer service to their valued guests.
Every magical creation of their hotels is aesthetically designed keeping in mind the high tastes of the clients

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Jaypee Hotel and Convention Center, Agra



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