Priya Restaurant – A Gastronomic Treat

Priya Restaurant Agra
Narendra gupta---Priya Restaurant

Priya Restaurant Agra – A Gastronomic Treat

Most of us love food, and we love to eat out as well. No matter where we are, whether it is in our hometown or on vacation, we love to dine in restaurants. A popular tourist location, Agra, is not just the place where you find Taj Mahal, but also a multi-cuisine restaurant – the PriyaRestaurant. It is one of the biggest and most popular restaurants in Agra and it is highly recommended in travel guide books like Rough Guide to India, Lonely Planet, Amazon Tour Guide, Fodor’s Traveler Guide. Priya Restaurant can be found on the Fatehabad Road near Hotel Trident.

The Founders’ Vision

Three young entrepreneurs, Mr. Rajendra Kr. Gupta, Mr. Narendra Kr. Gupta and Mr. Satendra Kr. Gupta laid the foundation of PriyaRestaurant in Agra in the year 1993. The vision behind this start-up was to have a restaurant where diners could find quality food at affordable prices.

Seating Capacity

The Priya Restaurant started out as being a very small setup with a capacity of seating 30 people only. However, it soon gained popularity, and from the small setup, it slowly grew to a seating capacity of 300 people and becoming the well-known restaurant of Agra.

Cuisines Available

Priya Restaurant prides itself on providing its customers with quality food and good service-the two go hand in hand. Priya is a multi-cuisine restaurant with Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and Continental food.

Live Entertainment

Apart from the dining delights available on the menu, Priya Restaurant also offers live entertainments for customers. If you are interested, puppet shows, musical programs, magic shows and so on can be arranged for your benefit. Special arrangements like barbecue, cultural programs, gala dinners can be done on relevant charges.

The Priya Team

Priya Restaurant has a team that is professionally trained. The best possible care is taken of guests to make sure that there would be no room for complaint and each person who goes to the restaurant is asked for specific feedback. The kitchen staff is committed to providing different varieties of Indian, Mughlai, Chinese and Continental food and serves customers with the intention of making them feel at home and providing them with a nice ambiance to enjoy their food. Priya Restaurant takes care of its guests and ensures complete satisfaction.


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