Ranjeet Jha – A Journey of a Helper to Executive Chef Golden Street Restaurant

Ranjeet Jha - Executive Chef Golden Street Restaurant
Ranjeet Jha - Golden Street Restaurant

Ranjeet Jha – Executive Chef Golden Street Restaurant

“I’ve served Dishes in Bengali style to former Prime Minister (PM) Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayeeji in a hotel in Bhopal during his stay in 1987,” Ranjeet Jha a Chef by profession, recalls his one of the best memories of his journey as a Chef. He also shares his memories, when he made delicious dishes for former President Late Shri Shankar Dayal Sharma and Bollywood celebrities.

Ranjeet, who is 52 years old and hails from Nepal, said that he had begun his journey merely with Rs 250 per month while working as a helper boy in a ‘Dhaba’ in Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. After that he firmly determined to set an example for others, he moved to other cities and began searching for a job in restaurants and hotels.

Jha said, “I came to Lucknow, where I worked in a hotel as Tandoor worker. I worked over there for two years and then I left that place, as I want to pursue hotel management course from PUSA.” “But due to some circumstances, I left the course in mid and joined Taj Group of hotels in Udaipur,” shared Ranjeet Jha.

He further shared that after that he had worked in the various five-star category and another hotel as well. In Agra, he began working with Hotel Clark Shiraz, Novotel (Trident) as a Commy Chef.  “I was determined to learn new dishes. I kept on experimenting and did a lot of mistakes. And faced many ups and down in my journey of a helper and a chef,” Ranjeet shared with a glow in his eyes.

He recalls a bad experience that how he was hit by his master by spoon only for a silly mistake and marks can be seen these days as well. “The marks of that cut are still on my face, as my ‘ustaad’ hit me with ‘chamcha’ for some silly mistake. Though, I did not rebel and took that incident as a lesson of my life,” explained Jha in a weak voice.

But life gives bad or good experiences to the people primarily the new comers, so that they can taste both the phases of life. Ranjeet shared that once he got Rs 100 as a tip from his guest for making mouth watering ‘dum aloo’. He added, “I have still kept that Rs 100 note with me, as a reward and incredible memory.”

“After that, I got many tips as a reward, but the memory of Rs 100 tip is still with me. And I put my whole efforts to make all the dishes delicious,” he added.

Jha shared, “My favorite dishes liked most by the guest are Bhuna Ghosh, Fish Curry, Butter Chicken, Dum Biryani in Non-Vegetarian food. And in the vegetarian food, I make Began Bharta, Paneer Lavabdaar, Paneer Khurchan etc.”

While talking about his future planning, he shared, “I will open an institute of hotel management, where I will teach students. I will also help those, who are from a financial background, as I don’t want young talent to die. I want them to show their skills to the world.”

At Last while sharing about his family, he says that his wife Sarita Jha and two children, whole heartedly support him and stand behind him in the time of need. Currently, Jha is working as an executive chef in Golden Street Restaurant on Tajmahal Road and taking care of his juniors and guests like his own family.

He said, “Guests asks about me when they complete their food. Sometimes they come to me and ask for the recipe of the dish. Generally, I get good reviews, and if I get a bad one I try to improve that for future.”


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