Intel In Trouble as Artificial Intelligence has Some Other Plans

Intel In Trouble as Artificial Intelligence has Some Other Plans


By now, we all must have surely heard about the magic AI or better known as Artificial Intelligence is creating. It came like a fire and is now spreading its range far and wide. Now, one such company – NVIDIA, which deals in making chips related to Artificial Intelligence is on the ladder of success, all thanks to the fast selling chips.

About GPU

The chip made by the company, NVIDIA is called the “graphics processing units”, abbreviated as the GPU. This Unit is powerful enough to turn personal computers into a fast operating gaming device. Yes, you have heard it absolutely right!

However, the Graphics Processing Units have a new destination where it aims at AI programs to gobble the computing powers.

The company’s success

The founder of NVIDIA, Mr. Jen-Hsun Huang, is on the top of the world right now. He has no reason to sit back and relax as he sees the chip on the roaring up the ladder. Apart from this chip, the firm is completely into the development of microprocessors and its related software. All these innovations are leading the company to a winning position. The numbers support them too – The past quarter’s revenues were recorded with a whopping 55% increase and thus attained a $2.2bn profit. Also, in the past one year, the share prices have seemed to quadruple.

While all this is developing and is becoming increasingly popular, the effects on Intel, a close competitor is evident. The competitor focused on CPUs while the new company ran away with an innovation with its GPU. However, it has been observed that the sales of Intel chips are also still growing but at a decreasing rate. The more the growth on computing side, the lesser will people want to rely on CPU and their chips.


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