Essar Shipping Touching New Heights

Essar Shipping Touching New Heights
Essar Shipping Touching New Heights

Essar Shipping Touching New Heights

Essar shipping provides integrated logistics solutions, and also holds major reserves in logistic services, transportations via sea as well as oilfield drilling services.

Our services include:

  • logistics services,
  • lighterage services,
  • Intra-plant logistics as well as dispatching refined products,
  • Fleet for the domestic movement of steel and petroleum goods.

Our sea transportation business has both diversified fleets as well as handy sizes to provide all kinds of services to provide unrefined law and commodities in bulk. To provide services ceaselessly, we have more than 200 ships to serve many leading Indian as well as global companies.

Essar Oil Fields Services Ltd. And Essar Oilfields Services (India) Ltd. are the subordinates of Essar Shipping and thus provide onshore as well as offshore drilling services and other services associated with it to international clients.

With our business model, we manage to take care of the entire supply chain management.

  • Services for customers in oil and gas firms,
  • The steel industry,
  • Power generation industries.

We pay attention to the fundamental requirements for transportation services, logistics, and freight dealing infrastructure.

We provide these services to clients at very economical charges. Our revenue is based on medium-term as well as long-term contracts with many local and international clients, catered by a varied merge of assets. Our services are accessible everywhere all around the world. From quality to quantity along with authenticity, all will be delivered here. Also, Essar Shipping Limited is the foremost Indian Shipping firm that issues a Sustainability report.


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