Junior Bikes New Range

Junior Bikes New Range
Super Heroes Inspired New Range Junior Bikes

Junior Bikes New Range

Planet Foxer launches Super Heroes Inspired New Range of Junior Bikes

The Bikes which are more than just Cycles…

Superheroes are everywhere in comic books, toys, and video games and even on the packages of food that our children eat. And we all grew up with them. Most children have admired superheroes at some point during their childhood. These superheroes are He-man, Superman, Batman, Phantom, etc. In this superhero world, The Planet Foxer has now created a powerful combination: Bikes and Superheroes where your children can become a part of it. Now your little ones can embark on their own bike adventure with our range of superheroes bikes.

We have put together this pretty wonderful creation with a dash of fun where children can explore on their new rides and will grow in confidence with every ride. The Bikes in this series followed the three superheroes Zunami, Stormyum, Meteorider. Superheroes that inspire children with fun.

Zunami: The born leader

As the name indicates the born leader, the one who never fails, and cuts through all the obstacles riding on water waves. So if your child is smart, fair and enjoys solving puzzles and problems, then he is just like Zunami. Zunami has a power of water that makes it a more dependable bike for adventures.

Stormyum: Sporty and Multitasker

She is sporty, multitasking and has the power of wind to conquer the world. She can solve any problem with a flood of strong wind. Just like any girl who love to help people, enjoys being athletics with a flair of naughtiness, and not daunted by anything.

Meteorider: Steady and Fast

Having a child who is very much determined and always keen to help his friend in their trouble? Then he is like Meteorider. Meteorider is competitive, active, helpful, fast, and has the power of fire to always help out people and look for justice but with fun.


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