How to Import Garment Accessories from China?

Import Garment Accessories from China, garments accessories import from China
Import Garment Accessories from China

Garments Accessories Import from China

A Complete Guide to Import Garments Accessories including baby clothes, men’s and women’s wear from China, China has the largest garment accessories market in the world. The industry consists of yarn, fiber, and garment accessories. According to CNGA (China Nation Garment Association), the garment and accessories industry produced over 23 billion pieces of the garment and provided more than 4.3 million jobs in the year 2009. The market has been growing at an average of 10% annually.

Special Requirements to Import

Different countries have their different requirement to import garment accessories. Although, most of the procedures and formalities are same in most countries after Globalization of Trade by General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

  1. Government registration: In India, government registration is required to become an importer in the country. In India, IEC (Import Export Code) number is required from the office of Director General of Foreign Trade to operate as an importer.
  2. Permission to import only non-hazardous dyes accessories: Import of yarns, knitted, woven accessories are permitted subjected to the condition that they do not contain any of the hazardous dyes whose handling, carriage or use is prohibited in most of the countries.
  3. TIN required
  4. Current bank account required
  5. Calculated Landed Cost: To calculate landed cost, a 10 digit tariff classification number with the certificate of origin are required to determine the rate of duty you must pay when importing. Then pay attention to the incoterm and then calculate the landed cost.
  6. Certificate of Origin: The source of origin of imported articles of knitted or crocheted clothing accessories is required in almost all countries. It helps us to determine the origin of imported goods to avail exemption on import duties and taxes.

Important factors when Selecting Clothing Accessories

Sourcing suppliers of garments accessories import from China, What to look for?

Product scope: Product scope is the primary factor qualifying potential garment accessories manufacturer. Garment accessories factories are specialized in making the certain type of accessories, which also is reflected in their material subcontractors and machinery.

Product compliance: Buyers must ensure compliance with various products standards and regulations.

Quality management system (QMS): A QMS is implemented in the supplier’s production flow to track defects. Among clothing’ manufacturers, all supplier must hold QMS certification and importers must implement their own quality assurance procedures. Low-cost manufacturing may result in defective items. List of defects that may occur as following

  • Discoloration
  • Skewed embroidery
  • Incorrect dimensions
  • Loose buttons and zippers
  • Dust and dirt

Fabric specification: Fabric specification can be based on an existing standard fabric. Here are some specification as following

  • Material/Fiber composition
  • Weight
  • Colors
  • Treatment
  • Coating

Bill of Goods: All materials must be listed in the Bill of Goods and should include everything from fabric piece to zippers. And the quantity of each material/component must also specify per unit basis.

Design: A physical design sample will provide a much-needed reference product for the supplier during the development process. A design element serves as attachments to sales contract and other production documentation. And design elements should also show the position of washing labels, prints, embroideries, for the sake of reducing the risk of misunderstandings.

Note: By following the procedure elaborated here one can easily import baby clothes from China, men’s wear, and women’s wear from China to their country.

What is Minimum Order Quantity?

When importing clothes accessories from China, the MOQ is generally set at around 500 to 1000 pcs per product. The suppliers are not only setting MOQ per product, but also per color, fabric, and size. Hence, the importer must consider the following MOQs per

  • Fabric color
  • Color
  • Size SKU
  • SKU

Import Duties and Taxes

Basic duty: It is the typical tax that applied to all goods. The basic customs duty on imports of garments accessories is of 10%.

Countervailing Duty: In addition to basis duty, a CVD is also applicable to imported goods. This duty is equal to the rates of excise applied to goods manufactured in India. The CVD on the import of garment accessories is 12%.

Special Additional CVD: It is also known as special CVD which is applicable on all items. And it is levied at the rate of 4%.

Education Cess: It is a tax design to fund education and healthcare initiatives. Central Education Cess is levied 3% and Custom Education Cess is also levied 3%.

GST (Goods and Services Tax): When goods are imported into India, IGST will be applied on the value of goods. The amount of GST on imported goods depends on the HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature Code). The GST on HSN Code 61179000 is (Articles of apparel and clothing accessories) is 5% if the sale value not exceeding rupees 1000 per pieces and 12% when the sale value exceeds rupees 1000 per pieces.

Hire a professional custom clearing agent/broker who will take care of all documents and also take over the responsibilities of calculating and payment of taxes, duties, excise, handling charges, transportation cost and communicating with authorities.

What are the benefits to Import Garment Accessories from China?

Importing goods from another country as a part of a business is really a good idea. It helps you to introduce new products to the market, to grow a business and to make a good relationship with foreign clients and customers who buy the imported products from China from you. Another major benefit is reduced in manufacturing cost and enables traders to sell high-quality products in their country.

Why India Import Garment Accessories from China?

Lower cost- China has the world largest paid labor which made it possible to manufacture products on a large scale and results in the cheaper cost of products.

Better service: China’s biggest advantage is their commendable supply chain which transforms raw material into a finished product and delivers to the end customer.

Mass productivity: The components going into production really are mass produced at an aggregate cost and also able to produce a large output in quicker time.

References of Few Suppliers to Import Garment Accessories from China

  1. Janna Fashion Accessories Co. Ltd.
    Location: Guangdong, China
    Products: Braid trims, embroidered patches, Elastic webbing, Tape lace trims, etc.
  1. Sally Fashion Accessories Co. Ltd.
    Location: Zhejiang, China
    Products: Rhinestone brooches, Fashion drop earring, Crystal necklaces, Pendant necklace, etc.
  1. Sally ornaments Co. Ltd.
    Location: Zhejiang, China
    Products: Metal alloy brooches, metal alloy necklaces, applique sewing trims, etc.
  1. Two’s International Co. Ltd.
    Location: Guangdong, China
    Products: Jeans button, metal alloy buttons, snap button, metal zippers, metal badges, etc.
  1. Ningbo Nanyan Import and Export Co. Ltd.
    Location: Zhejiang, China
    Products: woven denim fabric, garment chain trims, woven interlining, lining fabrics, pocketing fabric, etc.
  1. Ningbo Unicord Import and Export Co. Ltd. Accessories Department
    Location: Zhejiang, China
    Products: Garment chain trims, hot-fix rhinestones, rhinestones trims, rhinestone motifs, applique sewing trims, etc.

Payment Methods to Import Garments Accessories from China

Paypal: It is the most commonly accepted payment method. But this method is feasible for the smaller transaction as their fee is percentage based.

T/T (Telegraph Transfer): It is the oldest payment method in International Trade and it is popular for low to medium end transactions. In this system, an advanced payment is sent before production and balanced as per the payment terms.

Letter of Credit: It is the most secure payment method in terms of “payment risk” and a popular option for the transaction of larger quantities. The benefit of using LC is that it opens up a lot of financing options.

Online Escrow: It is equivalent to LC, not commonly used for the smaller transaction. Alipay Escrow is the most popular service for importers buying from China.

Track your cargo and get prepared for arrival

Shipping goods internationally take time and during that time, check your commercial invoice, package lit, the bill of lading, and other related documents.

Then the goods arrived, make arrangements for your customs broker/agent to clear them through customs.

Hope the above guidelines helped you to know about, How Import Garment Accessories from China? We appreciate your comments for any information not found in these guidelines to improve it in future. Thanks.

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