Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer

Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer
Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer

Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer

Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer is not an unknown name in the fashion industry anymore. From making the models more glamorous to judging different fashion shows, Kinshuk Bhadhuri is leaving his mark everywhere. This small town fashion designer has been turning heads with his unique collection.

How about your past? Where do you come from?

I hail from the small town of Nazibabad.

Being a small town boy, did you ever think you can reach this height?

To be very honest, I never thought I can be in the glam world.  When you come from a small town you really don’t get to explore many things. For me being a fashion designer was a farfetched dream. But from my initial days, I was drawn towards fashion, it was like some magnetic energy pulled me towards it.

So how did you come this far?

The journey was not easy. I had to struggle a lot. From the beginning, I always followed my Godfather Mr.Manish Malhotra, and probably continuously observing him gave me the strength to come this far. I started off with Kamakhya, my boutique, which turned out to be a big hit. Later on, I was asked to be one of the judges in a show like Mr. and Miss Bollywood.

You follow Manish Malhotra a lot…

Yes, I have learned a lot from Manish Malhotra. Keeping his styles in my mind, I make sure to add a hint of western flair to all my designer lehengas.

Yes and that style has made all your collection unique

I like to mix and match. As I am creative and I love to explore. I always try to present something new, something exclusive. I am glad that all my designs are accepted by people all around. You know when you are unveiling something which has never been seen before, means you are exposing yourself to a lot of criticism. I am not saying all my collection are flawless but it is really a pleasure to know that my hard work is being acknowledged.

Your schedule is hectic…

Yes, coming to this far lot of people puts their trust onto me. I juggle between Pune, Goa, Mumbai, and Delhi to manage all the fashion shows.

How about Ms.Rinkie Sharma’s show?

It was a charitable show, based on ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padao’. It was a wonderful opportunity to get rid of the notion that girl child is still considered to be less than the boy child.

You are a self-made man…

Not really, there has been a huge contribution and support from the family. I actually dedicate my success to them.

Kingshuk Bhaduri Fashion Designer is a creative person, we just can’t wait to see his magical effects on the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week.

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