Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta

Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta Interview
Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta

Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta

When it comes to professional Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta is the first name that will pop up in anybody’s mind residing in Delhi. We had a nice chit-chat session with her, where she spoke about her passion, her journey, and her life.

Here is a brief of what we gathered from the renowned makeup stylist.

The Journey

Coming from a business background, choosing an out of the way career was not easy for Tanya. Convincing the entire family regarding what she wanted was just impossible, but she never lost hope. Tanya followed her heart and she landed in Delhi.

The Struggle

Delhi is undoubtedly one of the busiest cities in the world. Coming to Delhi didn’t just kick-start Tanya’s career, she had to struggle. It was not all flowery for this newbie in Delhi, Tanya’s struggle story started by renting an apartment, even finding a job in this city is tough.

The Passion of Makeup Artist Tanya Gupta

A lot of people lose their way in the middle when they don’t find an object to move on, Tanya certainly is not one of them. Her creative passion kept her moving. When she found no helping hand, Tanya simply didn’t lose heart, she started learning from YouTube tutorials. Initially, Tanya practiced for herself, she just wanted to be perfect. Her hard work paid off after two months. Someone entrusted Tanya with the job of her makeup artist. Tanya didn’t disappoint her first client. Her journey to success started from that day.

In the starting days, Tanya used to charge less than the prevailing market rate. But the smiling faces of her clients made her understood that there is nothing more than client satisfaction.

The Learning

With a hard word, Tanya kept on moving ahead in her career, but she never stopped learning. Her tutorials started from YouTube. Even when she had ample of clients, Tanya kept on experimenting. For her, there is no end to learning. Her practicing sessions made her more than just perfect. Today the happy testimonials of all her clients say a lot about her achievement. The surprising fact is Tanya still prefers to watch YouTube tutorials rather than participating in the workshops.

Her Achievements

What started as mere experiments turned out to be a big career move for Tanya. She has achieved a lot, Tanya has been chosen as the makeup artist of many renowned actors and actresses. She has been a part of many TV commercials and documentaries as well. Even today, Tanya won’t really counts the money, but she picks up projects which satisfy her.

Her Motto

Tanya has seen the bad and the good. She believes that everyone has their part of the failure. For her, the success came because she failed someday and her part of failure taught her to correct her own mistakes. According to Tanya, “Nobody should be afraid of their failures as these are the tiny steps taken for the success to happen.”

Our interview lasted for more than an hour with this jolly, full of life professional makeup artist. Tanya is a person who will make you learn to get up and get going no matter how hard the path is. She is a true motivator and an extremely creative person.

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