Payal Singh Nail Artist

Payal Singh Nail Artist
Payal Singh Nail Artist

Payal Singh Nail Artist

Meet Payal Singh Nail Artist – a Leading Entrepreneur in the Nail Art Industry of Fashion

Payal Singh Nail Artist it seems exciting. How many of us would have ever thought of making a business out of nail arts? Well, actually lots of researchers and statistics show that the Global Nail art industry has been growing at a complete 6% annual growth rate. This percentage has been growing along with the business in the last few decades.

Though the growth is huge, how many business owners are able to grow with this big up in the ladder? Very few – those who have the right business and the zeal to grow have been able to survive in this fragile industry and one among them is Payal Singh, renowned personality of the industry who has successfully set to benchmark in the field of growing nail business in India.

Can you tell us something about your childhood?

Born and brought up in the city of Varanasi, Payal has completed her education in the same city. She began her career way back in 2006 as a make-up artist & achieved great success. Since then on, there has been no stopping for her. After 2 years, in 2008, she entered the Nail art industry. Today, she has successfully trained about 8000+ students on the same.

 Out of so many career choices, what made you choose this nail industry?

She claims to enter this industry with a clear goal in her mind – to grow this profession and make it a highly respected job and business in the country. She chose this nail profession as her career because she realized that people in India were not quite aware of the creative side to nails when she entered this industry. Thus, she took it up as a challenge to make people aware of this industry.

From there on, she started drawing people’s attention on this by educating them about nails and nail art.

“Nail industry works very well in Singapore and USA but now in India, people of metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi are taking interest in the Nail industry by getting service and training. I have done Nail art & Nail extension for TV celebrities as well.” Quotes the proud entrepreneur

Was the journey so far easy? Tell us about it

Payal Singh is highly passionate about her work and it was not a cakewalk for her to get to this stage where she is today. She had to go through various obstacles during her journey. Yet, she faced all the odds bravely and firmly and today, she stands strong, conquering all bottlenecks and emerging as a winner.

She is a dedicated woman who has always preferred to focus on education, well-being, and woman empowerment.

If you had to list you a top achievement, what would they be?

Being the down to Earth woman that she is, she claims her first achievement to be the success of helping many people to get employment by training them and making them live independently. Payal Singh has conducted highest number of seminars and workshop in India to educate people about nail industry.

After establishing a successful career in the industry of nails. Payal Singh Nail Artist moved a step ahead to be a part of TV serials and movies.

After spending 9 years in the Nail Industry, she is proud to be able to add another feather in the cap of parents by starting a new career in acting. By far, she has worked on several TV shows. She moved ahead to set up her on the mark in Bollywood too. One of her movies is ready to release and two more movies are scheduled to begin their shooting shortly.

#TradeFlock wish to have great success in future.

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