Upcoming Fresh Talent of Agra Ananya Chahar

Upcoming Fresh Talent of Agra Ananya Chahar
Upcoming Fresh Talent of Agra Ananya Chahar

Upcoming Fresh Talent of Agra Ananya Chahar

Upcoming Fresh Talent of Agra Ananya Chahar, A peek inside the world of fashion, modeling and craziness stunning Ananya Chahar, the fashion model takes us there. The unique, alluring model who finds happiness in little things is sharing her love for modeling, fashion, and her aspirations.

What are your origins?

I’m an Indian girl from the city of Taj ‘Agra’.

How did you become a model?

The dream to be a model goes back to the childhood imaginations, which for a small town girl seemed almost next to impossible. But as it is said ‘God helps those who help themselves’, so did I. I stepped into modeling in 2014. I did many photo-shoots and ramp shows.

What struggles have you faced? 

Struggles are a part of human life. As a famous saying exclaims ‘there is scarcely any passion without struggle’. If you are passionate about your career, the struggle is a must. I faced the usual bullying as in a small town a girl is being scrutinized for every move. Also, lots of people do not take this glamour field positively. But these things energized me more, instead of breaking me down. Then I worked even harder and won many awards as the best model. I also got the title of Miss. Agra first runner-up and my works were appreciated. Then I started getting more shoots and which by God grace is still continuing.

What do you love the most about being a model?

I love meeting new people and also love to see when people have in the eye on you to see, what you are wearing and how are you carrying yourself. I also love the events and travel that comes with this profession.

Along with model what other things you are doing?

I am pursuing apparel designing from Dayalbagh Educational Institute of Agra. There is a lot in this field of fashion and I want to prepare myself.

Acting or modeling: what is your ( Ananya Chahar ) big dream?

Usually, girls start their career in modeling and then they get into acting because they find an easy and quick way to make the career in the acting field through modeling. But I want to continue my modeling and want to be a Supermodel. I have always seen it as a career that requires hard work, patience, and dedication.

Is there any family support behind your successful dedication?

I am really blessed to have such parents in my life that supported me every time in my ups and downs. Today what I’m just because of my family support and I want to request to all the parents that they should let their children free to choose their career and to support them in their every decision.

What advice would you like to give to fellow students?

I want to say that just go with your dreams because your dreams will decide where to go. Always listen to your heart. No one can stop you if your dedication and persistence is higher than your dreams. And don’t copy others just be yourself. To be precise- it feels special.

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