Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma

Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma
Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma

Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma

A nice chit-chat with Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma

Tell us about your family and yourself

I am Fashion Model Prakrti Sharma from Shahdol district. My Father Mr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma is an advocate and my mother is running her own school in Shahdol district. I have a brother who has completed the LLB. I have completed my graduation in computer science and Post-Graduation in M. Phil in computer science only.

What was your dream since childhood?

My dream was to become a model, one day. I was obsessed for modeling. For this, my parents always encouraged me.

How does the journey begin?

My journey begins with a fashion show by Dream Entertainment Company. At that time I was working as a guest lecturer in a college in Shahdol. From then on, I got the opportunity to fulfill my dreams.

What were the struggles you went through?

Accomplishing a dream is not easy. Everyone has to go through some of the other struggling phases, so makes me. After my first fashion show, I moved to Indore. There I did specialization in Java along with fashion shows. Then my real journey begins. I did fashion shows for Yashika news Events, Patrika News and for much more. I also did many photo shoots and joined acting classes from Mr. Dinesh Parihar acting Institute, Indore. I struggled a lot, but my parents always supported me. I am really proud to have such parents.

What prompted you to join acting institute?

Apart from modeling, I have a love for acting too. I used to think only for acting day and night. I really worked hard and soon I got the opportunity to work in a short movie. The movie was made on Vaypam in which I played the role of reporter. After that, I did a reality show named Tandav Reality show whose episodes were shown in B.TV Yuwa. Now I have to groom my career in the field of acting and modeling. For that, I moved to Mumbai. I will never forget how my Guru Mr. Dinesh Parihar motivated me.

What advice would you like to give to prospective students?

Always chase your dreams. You can achieve your dreams if you have a genuine passion for them. No power of the world can stop you from making your dreams come true. You should never underestimate your talent. Always believe in yourself as you are the same person who is a star today. You just have to identify yourself to make your dreams come true.

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