The Brainchild of PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts Uncovered – Mr. Drew

PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts
PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts-Drew Mueske

The Brainchild of PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts Uncovered  Mr. Drew

PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts and quotes on tees are the new trends, especially with today’s young generation. They are always on the lookout for something new, while they have their cultures to the roots. This is one unique transformation in the Millennials today. While they focus on glamour they are also following the news.

With politics and social issues being a huge rage and everybody having their eyes and ears to every new thing, how about a complete label of clothing with their focus on specific political and societal issues?

This was an idea that popped up in the mind of Mr. Drew, and that was the Eureka moment for him, which resulted in the beginning of PROGRESS label – a 100% American-made clothing that is printed with eco-friendly water-based inks.

Roles, responsibilities, and position of Mr. Drew

Mr. Drew is the owner, creative director, designer and writer at ProgressLabel clothing. He believes that this is the way through which he communicates his take on political issues and social events that are happening in and around him.

The birth of this unique business PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts

When he was asked how he got the idea of this unique business idea, he said that the whole idea behind this label came to him back in 2003, during the last semester of his college in the city of dreams – London. It was that time when the United States was a critical war with Iraq. The United States was going through frantic changes back then – with the election of George Bush and with the insignificant 9/11 attacks, there was so much happening. This was the time when Drew got back to the States and with so much happening on the political front, he wanted to convey his views in a strong way and that gave birth to the PROGRESS Label Political T-shirts.

Progress Label began very small as a way to share Mr. Drew’s creative satire through T-shirt designs.

A Piece of advice from the owner himself

The owner of this wonderful business feels that there are 3 main factors contribute to the best creations of a garment business. His advice to all upcoming textile starts up business entrepreneurs is to focus on these three important factors–

  • Finding your niche: There is a lot of competition in the market. You need to stand out from your competitors and create your own path
  • Your business is style, make your style matter and make your style better – If you’re designing shirts, make your designs awesome
  • Find great partners – It’s unlikely that any new clothing label is doing every piece of the creative process, garment production, marketing, sewing, and printing and more so make sure your partners excel in the ways you need them

“In my case, when I couldn’t find a great eco-friendly screen printer, I started a second screen printing business, Offbeat Press.” Quotes the proud owner of this successful business!

The unique selling points of this label

Talking about the USPs of this business, the proud owner states that this business lays emphasis on socially and politically progressive messaging. Each shirt design focuses on the specific societal issue.

“As an American company, our designs address both domestic and global affairs, often satirical of American political and global involvement and hypocrisies.” Quotes Mr. Drew.

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