Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova at Guru Tattoos

Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova
Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova

Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova at Guru Tattoos

An interview with Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova at Guru Tattoos and Evolve Tattoo Removal.

Tattoos – in their purest kind, at least – are speculated to capture a part of who we are, thus there’s no reason why an equivalent logic should not be applied to a brief tattoo on an artist.

Aaron Della Vedova, firmly believes in the above mentioned and he is a living legend of taking his passion for tattoos to another level. Today, he is the proud lead tattooist at Guru Tattoos – a tattoo hub, that is a home to 19 of the nation’s top talents and he could not be more proud to work side by side with them every day!

Q – How did you make the idea about company formation and how it evolved?

I thought for years of a way that I could make a living to support myself while doing what I love best.  After high school,  I joined the US Coast Guard and while in the military I started collecting tattoos.  I slowly fell in love with the art form and set my mind on becoming a tattoo artist.

Q – How has the journey been so far?

It proved to be more difficult than I expected.  20 years ago tattooing was very different.  It was not mainstream and paths leading into it were full of difficulties.  However, my will was strong and I stuck with it regardless of some very unfortunate events.  Over time I was able to start working with some other like-minded and talented artists and I began to improve rapidly.  After about 6 years my reputation had grown to the point where I had a year-long waiting list to be tattooed by me.

Q – What is unique about Guru Tattoos?


 I aimed to create a shop where you would not only get the best possible tattoo but also be treated with the utmost respect and gratitude.  Getting tattooed is a very intimate experience that requires an artist to treat it as such.  Patience, good listening, and true caring are what is needed for the client.  At Guru, we take these qualities very seriously and it shows in our customer satisfaction which is the reason for our continued growth.

Q – What are your (Tattoo Artist Aaron Della Vedova) responsibilities at this amazing company?

I am one of the lead tattooists at Guru Tattoo.  I feel it is my responsibility to keep pushing my art to my highest levels. It is also my duty to inspire the other 19 tattooist that works with me.

Apart from it, I oversee all the hiring and firing of the artists. I am the curator of the talent our house at Guru.  Other than that, I oversee the duties of my general manager marketing manager.  Oh, and I throw all the parties!

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