NoSQL Data Modeling Tools

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NoSQL Data Modeling Tools

NoSQL Data Modeling Tools

NoSQL databases provide mechanisms to store and retrieve data which is modeled differently compared to relational databases. Because of its simplicity and design in storing the data, it has gained wide popularity amongst larger companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google. The need for NoSQL Data Modeling Tools are increasingly seen with the advent of Big Data and for web applications

Some of NoSQL Data Modeling Tools:

Though NoSQL implements data storage and retrieval differently in its many open source databases like MongoDB, Couchbase, CosmosDB, etc., it will be very important to have a data model for your application in the right way prior to getting into its implementation. Some of the key modeling techniques used for NoSQL databases are



          Application Side Joins

          Enumerable Keys

          Dimensionality Reduction

          Index Tables

          Composite Key Indices

          Aggregation with Composite Keys

          Inverted Search – Direct Aggregation

Besides that what has been listed here, there is a comprehensive list of techniques to model your data in its way of storage and retrieval in NoSQL databases

Data Modeling Tools for NoSQL Databases:

The techniques are exhaustive and could seem scary but the benefits associated with data modeling are intense enough to make you take the leap and proceed. The data modeling tools in the market are available so as to help you with the below:

ü  Designing of tables, collections using a diagrammatic representation of schemas

ü  Linking of the created information using the easy Entity Relationship Diagram

ü  Generate the scripts that can be used in development with appropriate documentation

ü  Better application quality because of the appropriate use of modeling techniques

ü  Faster time to market with the tools – mostly visual & graphical

ü  Reverse engineering of data models in cases where you have already designed schemas

ü  Applying denormalization techniques so as migrate from a relational/ SQL based schemas to NoSQL schemas


Leverage the power of a data modeling tool for your need!

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