What is Tableau Software? Define Tableau

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What is Tableau Software? Define Tableau

What is Tableau Software? Define Tableau

Tableau is software which produces interactive data visualization products focused on business intelligence and help the companies to understand their data. It is a business intelligence system that delivers fast analytics, visualization, and rapid-fire business intelligence to the worldwide companies and organizations.  A powerful approach towards business intelligence, it allows businesses or organizations to interact, connect, visualize, as well as share data from the PC to the iPad. Through it, one can create and publish dashboards and can share them with colleagues, or customers without any need for programming skills. Used by more than 19,000 companies and organizations, Tableau offers many unique benefits to its users. Whether you are using it for data exploration or dissemination, Tableau allows you to interact with your data and makes it easy to understand and tell stories to explain business decisions or to engage and convince others.

Who is Tableau for?

Tableau is designed to focus on one thing- helping people see and understand data and share it quickly, beautifully and easily including:

  • With Tableau, Business users or any organization are finding opportunities in their business that they have never seen before.
  • Organizations from non-profits to global enterprises are using Tableau to understand their data and make decisions based on it.
  • All industries and departments, IT professionals including developers, Database Administrators, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence experts are empowering their people with data.

Benefits of Tableau

Here are the most prominent reasons why this software is the powerful software.

Drag and Drop: It is incredibly easy to use, lets you drag and drop to visualize, analyze, and explore your data. This means that the product is inbuilt even for non-savvy users, and is readily available without any need of programming knowledge or expensive training.

Build interactive dashboards: With this software, any person can build interactive dashboards in many styles to suit your clients’ needs and preferences, including infographics, guided analysis, and exploratory dashboards. The amazing part is that they can be deployed at the enterprise level and end-users can not only search for the exact information they need, they can also see how it fits into the big picture. Also, they can be viewed on a laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Versatile and deployment: Tableau is versatile as it allows users to perform basic calculations and even run some simple stats in Tableau itself with the ability to tweak everything from size to font to color; your imagination is the only limit. Because of its flexibility, it is accessible to business from industries. Also, users can choose whether they want to deploy it in the cloud or on their local servers.

Evolving and improving: Tableau adds new features continuously with each update that makes the job easier to perform. Its collaboration features facilitate group analytics and ensure that all team members are on the same page. It’s connecting capability with data in many different formats from spreadsheets and SQL to PDF’s and spatial files, makes it useful.

Other than the following advantages, Tableau is easy to learn and use and a time saver. It can gather data from multiple spreadsheets and combine it into a cohesive picture

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