Best Android Apps: BEAM Authentic App

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Best Android Apps: BEAM Authentic App

Best Android Apps: BEAM Authentic App

Smart button lets you display your messages in GIF form

It’s Amazing! New & Best Android Apps, US-based startup BEAM Authentic is raising an important question: why wear a brooch that can only show one look when you can wear a small AMOLED display?

BEAM Authentic is promising a ‘smart button’ that pairs to your phone through an app via Bluetooth and lets you display virtually any image you want on its circular 400 x 400 AMOLED screen, including slideshows and GIFs as well as custom messages and GPS location from a user’s smartphone. Where Bluetooth is used to commute content from a smartphone with the mobile app to the device directly.

BEAM Authentic App

The Beam is “the world’s first digital dynamic button” wearable button attaches via magnet without making a hole through your jacket, 24-bit color support, a 24-hour battery life, an accelerometer, circular with a 400 x 400 resolution display, an ambient light sensor, and a Micro USB port. This smart button is on sale on the company’s website for $99 and can hold 100 beams, which appears to refer to GIFs and/or slideshows of content. The three dollars of the purchase will go towards a charity between Amnesty International,, or charity: water.

This is certainly an elusive button that might even get you out of trouble. Which expresses your exact thoughts, can send an emergency message to as many as four people when you are in panic mode. And can use to raise both awareness and cash for your preferred causes. Through BEAM you can also send GPS location and map link if the BEAM display is pressed for 10 seconds. Buy Smart Button

The company explains that users can create or design your own buttons using images from the web or from the phone. These images or contents can be displayed as a slideshow or a GIF can be uploaded for an animated image. These GIFs is presented as a way to showcase different things. One can push a social cause or an event or just fun images that you want to share with others.

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