The World’s Top 20 $Outsourcing Hotspots

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The World's Top 20 Outsourcing Hotspots

The World’s Top 20 $Outsourcing Hotspots

The growing globalization of the world economy has brought a major change at the international level. Today, nations have increased their economic ties with other nation in terms of collaboration for innovation and deriving new linkages from the other forms of innovation organization. Also, companies had started to delocalize research and design that had previously been kept in-house with some businesses using companies like Early Growth Financial for their accounting needs. Here are the world’s top 20 $Outsourcing hotspots.

1. Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen is the major player in serving the high-end outsourcing services. Shenzhen’s huge group of highly educated and limitless labor pool has the city in the top of the world’s top outsourcing hotspots. Shenzhen is seemingly attracting startups that may have previously outsourced their manufacturing here. Shenzhen has become a global market for hardware companies with excellent cost opportunities and one of the $Outsourcing hubs to learn from the mainstreams of electronics.

2. Bangalore, India

Bangalore, the biggest outsourcing hotspots for the growing nation India and it is the very own Silicon Valley because of its ability to provide outsourcing services in diverse areas. The huge pool of skilled and technically savvy workforce, Bangalore, India’s major outsourcing hub, has drawn the best talent from across the country and can provide your company any service that you wish to outsource with fast ramp-ups at a fraction of your current operating cost. Being criticized for frequent power cuts, dire traffic, infrastructure problems, and other such problems, Bangalore continues to be as the world’s largest outsourcing city in the world that offers global technology companies, a unique combination of talented resources, with over 25 years of experience in $Outsourcing, large network of vendors and partnership opportunities.

3. Manila, Philippines

According to the Information Technology and Business Process Association of the Philippines, the Philippine nation as a whole is a top outsourcing hotspot in the world. Manila, Philippine is one of the outsourcing hotspots having dozens of multinational $Outsourcing companies. Manila’s geographic accessibility to outsiders, a highly Westernized culture, lower labour costs, a robust IT infrastructure, an abundant highly skilled and trainable workforce, and a proven track record of delivering low-cost, high-quality business support services makes it a leader in contact centers, and is growing in the legal services outsourcing sector. There are four major hubs emerged for IT outsourcing services: Metro Manila, Metro Cebu, Metro Clark, and Bacolod City.

4. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was recently ranked outside the world’s top 20 outsourcing hotspots. Due to its excellent geographical position in between the United States and Europe’s mainland, the Dublin named the top Western city on Global Service’s Top 100 Outsourcing Cities list and attracts businesses with an insanely low corporate tax rate.

5. Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo is the 10th richest city on the planet, responsible for a third of Brazil’s entire gross domestic product. Major IT players like Accenture, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard provide $Outsourcing services, making it as one of the top outsourcing hotspots. With thousands of active startups, solid infrastructure and a capable workforce and lots of support, Sao Paulo specialize in providing outsourcing solutions for contact centers and product testing as well as an ideal place to launch your new business idea.

6. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo has broken as one of the world’s top outsourcing locations with its large, multi-lingual workforce as well as contact centers, financial attractiveness, large talent pool of IT professionals, robust infrastructure and low costs, combined with the development of technology and contact center parks in Alexandria and Cairo all contributing to its position in the top twenty of emerging $Outsourcing hotspots. Another bonus is that Egypt is the only country to boast the Arabic language along with European languages.

7. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the fastest-developing outsourcing hotspots specializes in application development and maintenance outsourcing. The rises of skilled workforce and improvements in infrastructure are the two key drivers for outsourcing in Vietnam. Multi-lingual skills help to draw businesses to outsource and also ideal for knowledge-intensive outsourcing services. Ho Chi Minh City welcomes 50,000 new IT graduates every year and has people fluent in English, French and various dialects of Chinese. This demographic provides a strong foundation for outsourcing work.

8. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a premier destination and a fast-becoming one of the world’s top outsourcing hotspots. Polish developers with better language skills, higher-end outsourcing services, such as business analytics and finance and accounting capabilities and business etiquette that is closer to what US and UK clients made Krakow one of the top software outsourcing hotspot. Krakow with pleasant people, terrific food, and good infrastructure has established outsourcing employers like IBM, Philip Morris International, and Cap Gemini. Poland IT industry is cheaper than what you’d pay in the US or UK but is expensive compared to nearby software hotspots like Ukraine or Belarus.

9. Mumbai, India

Mumbai with its huge labor pool and enhanced service delivery in high-value services has become top twenties of the world’s outsourcing hotspot. Mumbai is known as India’s financial and commercial capital contributing 60,000 employees in the outsourcing sector. The skills and scalability, savings, business environment, operational environment, urban infrastructure, business risk, telecom connectivity, and quality of life in this city play a significant factor in choosing a location.

10. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, located in roughly the same time zone as the East Coast of the U.S. is now becoming one of the world’s top outsourcing hotspots. With low market and labor costs, highly literate IT population, with many citizens fluent in English and Spanish, Buenos Aires offers a cheap alternative for companies looking to provide customer service for American consumers. Accenture, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Cognizant in Buenos Aires has a large talent pool of English, Spanish, and Portuguese speakers and have invested in outsourcing locations.

11. Calgary, Canada

The Canadian city, Calgary outstrips domestic rivals when it comes to the immigration rates. Calgary is having a fast-growing pool of talent; high-quality infrastructure boasts the business competitiveness. The city also offers a large percentage of the workforce bilingual in English and French, tax breaks and research funding for companies that set up shop there, IT parks and helps offset the higher labor costs compared to rivals in the developing world.

12. Hangzhou, China

The city, located along Southeast coast of China, is home to nearly 50% of the country’s IT companies With 18,000 IT graduates entering the workforce each year. Hangzhou is marketing itself as a center for financial services outsourcing. The financial sector represented 43% of the city’s total outsourcing business in dollar terms in the first three quarters of 2008 and is expected to rise despite the recessions. Hangzhou offers benefits well beyond its tech-savvy population and lucrative government incentives.

13. Queretaro, Mexico

Queretaro, the Mexican city is rapidly becoming an alternative to other domestic outsourcing hubs, such as Monterrey in the north. Queretaro, located in southern Mexico and with dozens of skilled people making the most quickly growing outsourcing hotspots. Local authorities and the generous subsidies offered by the government helps to upgrade transport and industrial infrastructure in the hopes of turning the city into an IT service center.

14. Boise, Idaho

Boise is a recreationist’s paradise with its affordable cost of living, particularly when it comes to housing costs and traditionally prioritized low taxes made it suitable for the startups. Idaho’s capital, Boise is a pool of highly trained graduate from Boise State University, which has created a culture of entrepreneurship. Boise has a bustling startup scene and ranks near the top of the best U.S. cities in which to live.

15. Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane with huge telecoms infrastructure and the large pool of labor in traditional offshore locations is becoming one of the top twenties outsourcing R&D hub. Brisbane located on Australia’s coast has a higher number of tech graduates than any other Australian city. Brisbane has a multilingual workforce and employee costs that are 10 to 15 percent cheaper than in rivals Melbourne and Sydney. In Brisbane, the credit crunch will drive more companies to outsource IT and business processes.
16. Ahmedabad, India
Ahmedabad, on India’s west coast, is the most favored destinations by IT-BPM players and become one of the country’s major outsourcing centers. With a large population of finance and accounting professionals, this city offers better opportunities in terms of business environment, talent, infrastructure, and cost differential. With good air connectivity, Ahmedabad showcases strong infrastructure and has metro rail project, significant growth in IT Grade-A office stock has significantly improved their value proposition for outsourcing over last five years.

17. Davao, Philippines

Davao City, located in Philippines’ southernmost island has been on the list of world’s top outsourcing destinations of many companies. Davao City is home of skilled resources and large native, an English-speaking population of fresh graduates with an American accent making it well-suited for U.S. consumer support, particularly in technological areas due to various IT colleges established in the city. A combination of skilled voice-process executives trained to handle global customers speaking in multiple languages, make Davao city a preferred choice for outsourcing voice processes.

18. Penang, Malaysia

With more than 300 foreign and multinational shared services companies, Penang is particularly suited for higher-end IT $Outsourcing, such as in the pharmaceuticals or financial services industries. Over the years, Penang is developing into an outsourcing center for Islamic banking. Boasting a large, English-speaking IT workforce, Penang generates generating billions of ringgit in investments and thousands of employment opportunities.”

19. Belfast, United Kingdom

Belfast is Europe’s leading city for software development and quickly becoming an outsourcing hub. Firms like Microsoft and Citigroup are attracted by the city’s skilled people, competitive costs, great infrastructure, and an attractive tax regime. Putting aside its violent history, Belfast has the youthful population (46% are under 30), the large pool of IT graduates that makes Belfast a $Outsourcing hub for companies serving the British market and also business costs are one-third lower than in the rest of Britain.

20. Santiago, Chile

When it comes to doing business, Chile is the best country in South America. With the Financial and technical support, the high-tech companies are setting up in Santiago. The firm Citigroup and Yahoo!, In Santiago offer lower operating and living costs compared with cities in the developed world.

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