What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

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What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

In the following blog, we will come across about What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform?Companies are always trying to find a meaningful format to store data that can make better business decisions. Numerous innovations have been made in the data warehousing since its birth such as Hadoop and NoSQL. SAP has contributed HANA (High-Performance Analytic Appliance), a platform that helps developers develop, deploy, and operate applications in the cloud. The SAP’s-in memory cloud platform that can process high volumes of operational and transactional data in real time. Today, SAP HANA has become a baseline for further innovation. The platform provides developers a set application and database services viz. portal, mobile, analytics, etc. to build applications efficiently and the platform features native, integrated, and open developer experiences.

The SAP HANA Cloud has powerful standards-based services helping developers to quickly create enterprise-level applications. The platform also provides HANA as a database-as-a-service (with SAP HANA DB Services) for developers. In addition to the given services, the SAP has several other platform services such as Identity, Document, Management, and Persistence. The HANA Cloud Platform differentiates itself from other competitors in the market like Google’s App Engine, by having an in-memory technology and the SAP Cloud Connector. With the SAP Cloud Connector, the user can connect existing on-premise SAP system and non-SAP environments with solutions in the cloud. What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform? would be clear through below description.


From the very beginning, the SAP as the cloud vision and strategy has matured and evolved. One of the important evolutions is the emergence of SAP HANA Cloud platform, a single platform that provides the foundation for SAP’s overall cloud portfolio and is thus core to SAP’s cloud strategy. The guiding principle behind the evolution of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform was to provide easy adoption by leveraging and using open standards and established open source components. SAP HANA Cloud Platform integrates Cloud Foundry and OpenStack as the technology for deployment and management of business applications and services.

The integration of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack provides flexible deployment of applications built with or on top of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and easy access to data centers, as well as private Cloud deployments at customer data centers. This flexibility of deployment models and management is true for current or potential partners with expertise in the usage of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack. With Support of Cloud Foundry and OpenStack, SAP enables developers, customers, as well as partners to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies to drive and speed up innovations in their business continuity.


SAP HANA is a complete application development platform in its own right. With this unique characteristic and the wide range of usage scenarios, the SAP HANA offers three distinct packages are logically based on each other to drive simplicity, flexibility, and consolidate various HANA-based cloud services from SAP into one over-arching platform.

  • SAP HANA App Services (PaaS)
  • (DBaaS) SAP HANA DB Services
  • SAP HANA Infrastructure Services (IaaS)

SAP HANA App Services (PaaS)

This distinct package provides shared Application Services in addition with all the capabilities of the DB Services package typically required for the development of new multi-tenant cloud applications or extensions of existing solutions residing either on-premise or in the cloud.

(DBaaS) SAP HANA DB Services 

This package provides SAP HANA both infrastructure and license subscriptions and comes in two flavors: Base Edition and Platform Edition.  Both the editions provide development capabilities including Extended Application Services (XS), SQLScript, and River. This package is suitable for those who are interested in developing data-centric applications, dashboards or other applications that require real-time analytics.

SAP HANA Infrastructure Services (IaaS)

This package provides customer having a license, the infrastructure services on a subscription basis without having to invest in hardware.


The functionalities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform are divided into 2sections. The top section is of the Application Services and the bottom is of the database services. The application services where the apps can be developed and offered to employees and the database services are components run on the HANA database and used by the application services.

What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform Application Services


Known as HANA Cloud Platform mobile services (HCPms) is similar to the SAP mobile platform. HCPms provides a mobile platform in the cloud through which SAP can be made accessible to mobile applications.


The HCP portal allows mobile-friendly websites to quickly be made available externally. A lightweight portal, in the form of an intranet, brings together on-premise and cloud solutions in a single environment for the employee.


With HCP Analytics, users can perform analysis in a user-friendly manner and can and make data visually available. With this feature, users have insight into the data on the HANA Cloud Platform and in the HANA in-memory database.


SAP also offers services where context-related information can be shared with other users via SAP Jam functionality in a variety of applications.


The SAP HANA Cloud Platform includes HANA database features to secure data with many security measures, integrate with other systems, and make use of existing (corporate) user accounts. Using a Single Sign-On can provide an easy access to linked environments, without logging multiple times.

HCP provides integration capabilities that integrate with your existing systems and database whether they are on-premises solution or in the cloud. This includes the HANA Cloud Integration Platforms (iPaaS) and many other standard integration scenarios.



SAP provides efficient storage of transactional data that can be performed in real-time.


Analytics supplied with built-in algorithms is the basic component for real-time analysis of large amounts of data but also supports algorithms that are supplied by external parties. This allows the needs of all the different users from managers to data scientists and developers to be met.


The SAP HANA provide opportunities to analyze and process large amounts of data without actually storing the data. This is important when there is an order to process a continuous flow of data from sensors.


The HANA Cloud Platform makes use of available logic that allows predictive analysis to be performed. Alternative algorithms can also be applied.


Spacial can analyze geo data and can be visualized and displayed on a map.

Text mining

HCP through Text mining enables textual data to be structured and analyzed. This has expanded the possibilities for analyzing textual data.


“Thousands of companies and business are choosing SAP HANA Cloud Platform as a fully featured service for extending existing on-premise and cloud apps and deploying their business-rich applications rapidly in a dramatical manner. With the SAP HANA’s new featuring and capabilities, applications, partnerships, customers, and partners are using SAP HANA Cloud Platform to help them innovate in the cloud and embrace digital transformation. These new features

Companies including Owens-Illinois Inc., Statoil ASA,  ZS Associates Inc., Pacific Drilling Services Inc., Siemens AG, and Barry Callebaut are increasingly adopting SAP HANA Cloud Platform as the platform as a service for SAP applications.

Owens-Illinois is the pioneer in a glass packaging manufacturing company, operating in 23 countries across the world, integrated cloud digital invoicing solution framed on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. ZS Associates, the pioneer in S&M consulting, technology, outsourcing, software, and healthcare. The company has deployed the SAP platform’s to customize the Success Factors Employee Central solution. ZS with Accenture has also deployed Accenture HR Audit and Compliance as a service which helps them to address their data quality quickly and efficiently.

Siemens (NASDAQOTH: SIEGY), a global manufacturer and distributor in the wind industry is using SAP’s Hana Cloud Platform as the backbone for its Siemens Cloud for Industry solution. The introduction of SAP HANA is to provide a significant contribution toward the digitalization of the production space and to maintain its leadership position in the industry. A global provider of deep-water oil service, Pacific Drilling delivers SAP Fiori mobile applications to its distant workers to provide services such as email, network access and more. With this mobile service, the company can deliver apps securely and much faster that can provide the management the tools need to run the business effectively. With solutions from SAP, Barry Callebaut, a pioneer in manufacturing quality cocoa products has integrated 64,000 small-scale cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire as well as across the world, creating a stronger, sustainable, and digital environment along with improving the yields. It helps farmers to improve their livelihood and farming. Statoil ASA (NYSE: STO), an integrated oil and gas company chooses the SAP HANA platform with other SAP solutions to get shifted from the current solutions Oracle. With SAP HANA, Statoil has mitigated risk through process automation and standardization as well as it has enhanced production process.

These companies are developing real-time applications via SAP HANA Cloud Platform to compete and win in the digital economy, to work more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

So, we expect that ‘What is SAP HANA Cloud Platform’ is clear in your minds.

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