Sandisk New Launch: 1TB Flash Drive

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Sandisk New Launch: 1TB Flash Drive

Sandisk New Launch: 1TB Flash Drive

SanDisk Unveils Two New 1TB Flash Drive at CES 2018: World’s Smallest 1TB USB Type-C and 256GB Flash Drive

It’s incredible to see how the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show 2018 displays a dizzying array of tech extravaganza across the world. The companies at CES 2018 in Las Vegas are displaying their futuristic technology with ever-escalating Artificial Intelligence. This is what SanDisk unveiled the world’s smallest 1TB USB-C Ultra Fit 3.1 Flash Drive: a prototype of a device that showcases the company’s progress in storage column and boasts of the tremendous amount of storage space. The SanDisk also unveils the world’s smallest 256GB Ultra Fit USB 3.1 and two portable SSDs.


The company showcases the newer 1TB USB drive as a solution of storing an elephantine amount of content in a tiny form factor. The tiny diminutive and slimmest pen drive has moved from older USB 3.0 connectivity to standard and symmetrical connectivity port USB 3.1 that makes it more versatile and usable for mobile phones apart from PCs and laptops, as it can be directly attached to any Android devices and smartphones to make data transfer at much faster speed than before.

At this stage, the 1TB USB Type-C flash drive is just a prototype, with no details about the price and the release date. Although the company has assured to come out with much more similar USB Type-C drives soon as soon as the shipping of their 1TB model get starts.

Though the most storage offered title in the flash card is still held by Kingston’s last year 2TB Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT, but SanDisk flash drive holds some other advantages over it. SanDisk’s slimmer and smaller prototype is far much commendable than Kingston’s bulky zinc-alloy case. The company has not revealed the price and availability of the product but it is expected to be above the price of ITB hard drives.

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