MyLifi A Smart Lamp that Connects Internet Through the LED Light.

MyLifi A Smart Lamp that Connects Internet Through the LED Light
MyLifi A smart lamp

MyLifi A Smart Lamp that Connects Internet Through the LED Light.

At Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2018, A French company Oledcomm introduces a smart lamp known as MyLifi A Smart Lamp that connects wireless internet through the beam of light. A dongle is needed to receive the connection from the beam of light. Oledcomm uses a new technology called Light Fidelity which allows devices to connect to each other through LED lights and transmits data by “modulating light signals from an LED light bulb” to a dongle that connects to your computer, laptop, or tablet. This then receives the light signals that are being transmitted by the MyLifi A Smart Lamp, decrypts the LED light signals, and converts it into data your laptop can understand. The MyLifi is going to be eliminating the traditional working Wi-Fi connections.

The company promises to deliver a speed of 23 megabit per second which is more than the speed of any Wi-Fi connections. Also, MyLifi is energy efficient consumes less energy than Wi-fi connection. The MyLifi A Smart Lamp works when the dongle is in the light of sight of the lamp. It doesn’t broadcast wireless signal around the house or office. To utilize this technology you have to sit right next to it.

The benefit of using MyLifi Lamp is security. MyLifi is much more secure than Wi-Fi or any other routers. The signals of MyLifi cannot be hacked since its signals can’t pass through the wall, which is much harder to hack any person or company’s internet connection. Oledcomm says that the MyLifi lamp doesn’t work on radio or electromagnetic waves. This is a better alternative for a user to use because it doesn’t harm their health.

“Today eco-friendly energies are taking place of fossils fuels and driving us towards environmental innovations just like light is also displacing radio waves and radiations and providing us safe, futuristic, eco-friendly connection,” said Azoulay at CES 2018. MyLiFi is just the beginning of a new era in producing the eco-friendly connection.

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