Dynamics Inc. Unveils Smart Credit Card with Cell Phone Antenna

Dynamics Inc. Unveils Smart Credit Card with Cell Phone Antenna
The First Battery-Powered “Connected” Payment Card

Dynamics Inc. Unveils Smart Credit Card with Cell Phone Antenna

Dynamics Inc. unveils the world’s first connected smart credit card with cell phone antenna

Sprint and Dynamics Inc. has unveiled the world’s first connected Smart Credit Card with Cell Phone Antenna at CES 2018. A reprogrammable card that acts as credit, debit, loyalty, and any other transaction card that uses a magnetic strip. The “smart card” features a small 65,000-pixel E-Ink display used to show owner’s card number, name, announcement, corporate logos, and other information.

The product technically called Wallet card has the inbuilt cellular antenna that connects to the Sprint network and allows it to communicate directly with the bank providing unprecedented level of improved security and functionalities like replacing a card, sending special offers to the consumers, locking or unlocking an account in case of an emergency and many more.

The Wallet card has been named as world’s first battery-powered card as it has a built-in charging battery and organic recharging chip that allows the card to charge itself through normal operations. The built-in programmable magnetic stripe, programmable contactless chip, and EMV chip make the card to be instantly re-programmed without having to wait for weeks.

The major benefit with this Wallet card is that a consumer needs not to carry a lot of cards in their wallet. With a single click on the two buttons, a consumer can access different options, with the information being stored and displayed on the card’s screen in real time.

With the announcement of the Wallet card, Dynamics Inc. in conjunction with several international banks announced to introduce these Smartcards to clients in the coming year. Although the company didn’t disclose when they will bring cards at the commercial level but they will try to issue to bank customers later this year.

Dynamic’s Wallet card is the first IoT card incorporates various cutting-edge technologies and received the Best of Innovation at CES 2018 for Security Technologies. “We are honored and excited to receive this prestigious award and that our technology has made the personal connection with the superior judging panel,” said Jeffrey Mullen, Dynamics Inc. CEO.

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