Razer Unveils Project Linda

Razer Unveils Project Linda that turns an Android phone into laptop, Razer, the Singaporean video gaming company, CES 2018
Razer unveils ‘Project Linda’

Razer Unveils Project Linda

At CES 2018: Razer Unveils Project Linda that turns an Android phone into laptop

Razer Unveils Project Linda, Razer, the Singaporean video gaming company had grabbed attention at CES 2018 by his crazy concept “Project Linda”. The company had turned an Android phone into a laptop. Razer isn’t the first company who made phone/laptop hybrid. Motorola and Samsung had already presented this concept. This is a good invention for a gamer to enjoy Android games in a new way.

To dock the Razer phone easily into Project Linda you just need to place the Razer Phone in the slot, now press the button- a USB-C port (charging port) will extend directly into the phone.

The design of Project Linda is very common with the Razer Blade gaming notebook. An Outer covering of 15mm thin CNC aluminum chassis weighs less than 1.25kg including the docked Razer’s phone. To enjoy the gaming, the display of Project Linda is 13.3-inch Quad HD touchscreen and the 5.7-inch touchscreen is the display of Razer phone which also function as a touchpad. The keyboard also has some specific Android keys like home, back and multitasking buttons and Google Assistant button and Razer’s iconic Chroma backlighting for attraction. A 53.6 Wh battery with a built-in feature of power bank that charges the Razer Phone. To store the media, files, and another phone backup, it has 200GB of internal storage. Also, the Project Linda has a 720p webcam, dual array microphone, a 3.5mm audio jack, a USB-A port, A USB-C port for charging.

There are no speakers on Project Linda but the Razer Phone’s stereo speaker has the best. Also, the Project Linda has no processor or other key computing components. It has only a screen with attached keyboard and battery. “Razer the world’s leading brand for gamers has enhances the experience for gaming and productivity through its Project Linda as it brings a larger screen and physical keyboard, the best of both worlds to the Android environment,” said Min-Ling Tan, Razer’s CEO, and co-founder.

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