Facebook Unveiled a New Smallest Unit of Time Called Flicks

Facebook Unveiled a New Smallest Unit of Time Called Flicks, Facebook, Facebook Unit of Time, Flicks a new unit of time
Facebook unveiled a new smallest unit of time called Flicks

Facebook Unveiled a New Smallest Unit of Time Called Flicks

Facebook’s VR division has just launched its own measure of time called flicks. This New Smallest Unit of Time Called Flicks is slightly larger than nanoseconds, was designed to measure the speed of digital audio and video. Facebook described Flicks as the next smallest unit of time after nanoseconds and is defined as 1/705,600,000 of a second or 1.417233560090703e-9 if you prefer decimals, designed in the programming language C++ which simplifies this process and gives programmer or creator a better way to generate effective virtual reality experiences for film, television and other media.

New Smallest Unit of Time Called Flicks

Christopher Horvath, one of the Flick’s creator and an architect with Facebook’s Story Studio had shared his first opinions publically on Facebook in early 2017. According to the GitHub description, the concept was further refined and made modifications based on the feedback from comments.

The refined concept now support programmers to measure the time between video framing along with audio sampling without using fractions and help CGI artists and code writers make sure videos in apps run seamlessly. The unveiled Flicks if widely adopted will set a new standard to work with such measuring units like frames per second and will enable creators to provide highest usable resolution content especially in video game programming and elsewhere online.

The Oxford University researcher said anonymously to the BBC, that the invention could develop the virtual reality seamlessly. He further explained that this invention is the notion of presence and immersion. Immersion refers to the commitment one feel to a computer game and presence is the perception of one’s mind that he is there. Flicks will allow developers to have more resilience in dealing with the delaying issues and making sure video stay synchronized.

Before the invention of the Flick, Swatch introduced a unit Internet Time in 1998 that divides the day into 1,000 beats.

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