Alibaba Launches AI-Based Traffic Solution in Malaysia

Alibaba Launches AI-Based Traffic Solution in Malaysia, an artificial intelligence-based smart city solution, combat traffic congestion, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation
Alibaba launches AI-based traffic solution in Malaysia

Alibaba Launches AI-Based Traffic Solution in Malaysia to Combat Notorious Traffic Congestion

Alibaba Launches AI-Based Traffic Solution in Malaysia, Alibaba’s cloud computing a unit of Alibaba Group led by Jack Ma has introduced Artificial Intelligence-based Malaysia City brain solution in alliance with Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation and Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur, the city’s capital council. “The initiative was taken to organize and combat traffic congestion at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,” said Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Mansor, minister at the ceremony in Kuala Lumpur.

The solution ‘Malaysia City Brain’ will harness and support the AI capabilities of Alibaba Cloud including image and video acceptance, machine learning technology, data mining, and analyze the huge amount of heterogeneous data in real-time produced by 300 traffic light junctions, 400 CCTV cameras and through other streams.

Alibaba Launches AI-Based Traffic Solution in Malaysia

Speaking at the inauguration of the City Brain solution powered by the Alibaba’ cloud computing technology and artificial intelligence, the Federal Territories Minister said improvising the traffic management and infrastructure is crucial to creating a habitable city. Through the City Brain system, there will be an increase in mobility and can optimize traffic volume and speed in particular lanes which further facilitate incident detection, identifying the shortest and quickest route for an emergency.

In the first session of the inauguration, the city Kuala Lumpur will deploy the Malaysian City brain solution to combat notorious traffic congestion. And with cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology, the City Brain can structures summaries of data, also, it is expected to help city’s officials by connecting various urban management systems like ambulance call, emergency shipping, managing traffic flow and traffic light, etc.

The power and efficiency of City Brain with AI tools will enable the city officials, startups, universities, urban planners, entrepreneurs, and research institutions to leverage its futuristic advantage, turning the city into an intelligent and smart one and to drive the wide range of innovations.

 Earlier, China deployed the same solution of Alibaba’s AI in Hangzhou, which diagnoses the traffic congestion with 93% accuracy.

“Outside China, Malaysia will be the first country who will use such a cloud computing and AI enabled platform. And through the City Brain system, we aim to empower all the companies, organization and Malaysian stakeholders to operate effectively in both the public and private sectors,” said Senior Vice-president Simon Hu of Alibaba Group.

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