Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?

Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?
Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?

Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?

Thousands of users in India daily ask Google for the best Android spying software. But they do not realize that Google is not the answer to finding the best spying software. In fact, you get so many options that it becomes difficult to pick the best and the right software. There are many recurring problems and questions that arise when you search for the best spying software.

To find the best software, you must first identify the issues that are you looking to address with the spying software. A good spying software must be an answer to all your monitoring problems.

We have done this busy work for you to answer some of the pertinent questions regarding the best Android spying software. Look for the following aspects before you make a choice.

State your problem

 You are not looking for the software just for fun. There must be a reason behind it – maybe a recurring problem that you are trying to solve. People use spying software for different reasons. For example, parents in today’s busy life cannot be around their children all the time but they want to protect their children from the harmful effects of the digital world.

But it is not just the parents that want these software. Employers need spying software to monitor their workforce. No employer would want their sensitive information to be leaked or misused. Monitoring software are normally used to control the flow of information in a company.

Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?
Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?

There can be different reasons that people are looking to address through spying. Everyone may have their own issue to resolve by using a spy software for Android mobile. So you must carefully outline your needs before you look for a spying software.

Finding the solution to the problem

 Now that you have underlined your issues to be addressed, the next step would be to find the software that holds specific tools and features to solve them. That is the most logical way to go about finding the best Android spying software in India but not many users think about this before buying a software.

Let’s say a company is looking to monitor their mobile workforce, then it would need a software that can give them their employees’ location information in real time. Or if it is looking to monitor their Skype chats or other social media messengers, then it would need a software that can access their chats.

Finding a spying software that has a mix of all the features to address your problem is the key to unlocking the right spy software for Android mobile.

 What did we find?

Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?
Which is the Best Android Spying Software in India?

After an extensive research on the matter, we found Xnspy as the best Android spy software in India. This software has many features that can address almost any spying query for Android mobile. We are discussing a couple of its feature here:


What makes Xnspy the best Android spying software in India is its compatibility with the Android phones. You can use this software on any Android phone without any complications. Most of the spying software in India require your phone to be rooted before installing. Xnspy, however, doesn’t.

The other benefit it offers is that it is compatible with almost all the Android brands in India. Many spying software offer selective spying features on different brands. But this software can be used on all the brands available in the market. You can also check your brand’s compatibility on their website.

And the last reason we recommend this software is that it supports the latest Android Oreo 8.0. There are not many apps in India that offer this advanced compatibility. But if you have an older Android OS, it works just fine on it.

Location Monitoring

 While many apps on the market offer location monitoring in some forms, they are not as accurate as they claim. Some would offer this feature with the condition of rooting the mobile first, the others may only give you solitary location names. Xnspy has a dedicated location monitoring feature that can be helpful for anyone. Following are its benefits:

  • If you wish to look up the real-time location of the target person, then the app will provide you the accurate information about their current whereabouts on your Android mobile. But for that to happen, the internet facility must be enabled on the phone
  • Sometimes we are busy or the target may be in the remote locations where internet is not available. In these cases, if you want to be apprised of the location then you are provided with the history of the all the places visited by the person during the day. It gives you the details about the location and the time during which the place was visited
  • To avoid following the person all the time and sifting through all the places they visited during the day, Xnspy gives you a “Watchlist” feature where you can list those locations that you want to be notified when your target visits them. This saves your time and makes monitoring more effective.

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