Amazon Retail in Pune, India

Amazon Retail in Pune India
Amazon Retail in Pune India

Amazon Retail in Pune India

Amazon Retail in Pune, India – Amazon Becomes First Global e-Commerce Firm to Enter Food Retail Business in India with a Pilot in Pune

After a long wait and beating its e-commerce global rival Walmart, Amazon has finally become the first foreign e-commerce company to start its own food retail venture called Amazon Retail in Pune India. Reportedly, Amazon has become a vendor on as Amazon Retail Pvt. Ltd. and will sell locally made and packaged food directly to consumers in Pune.

Piloting its services in Pune, Amazon will not only sell packaged foodstuff but also compete with other major online grocery store and food retailers including Bigbasket, Grofers, SuprDaily, who received similar approvals from the Indian government for food retailing business.

In 2017, Amazon received the Indian government permission to invest $500 million in India’s food retail market to retail locally produced and packaged foodstuffs through an offline and online medium. As per the report of economic times, the company is on track to launch their business but will take at least a quarter to roll out its food retailing services nationwide.

Amazon has become the only global e-commerce firm to have applied for the food retailing segment, a segment where Indian government has allowed 100% FDI in 2016 to help producers and increase employment. While clearing proposal, the Indian government had asked Amazon to maintain its separate management and offices for their food retailing business, also keeping it’s visibly distinct from its marketplace business which is not allowed to sell products directly to consumers and can only act as an aggregator.

Currently, Amazon has launched an app named ‘Amazon Now,’ which connects retailers with customers for delivering groceries and to meet their instant food demands.  With this development, Amazon has two grocery delivery services- Amazon Pantry and Amazon Now.

The development has come at a time when all other major e-commerce giants are constantly vying to acquire major chunk in Indian Food retail market like American Retail giant- Walmart, Chinese e-commerce giant acquired- Bigbasket are aggressively looking to acquire a major share in Indian food and grocery vertical.

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