Tap: A Onehanded Wearable Tech Device

Tap A Onehanded Wearable Tech Device that Turns Any Surface into a Keyboard
Tap: A wearable tech device that turns any surface

Tap A Onehanded Wearable Tech Device

Tap A Onehanded Wearable Tech Device that Turns Any Surface into a Keyboard

A new wearable tech device called Tap has been developed by Us-based electronic maker Tap System. Made out of a soft foam material, Tap a onehanded wearable tech device that allows you to turn any surface into a keyboard just by tapping fingers on any surface.

The soft, flexible smart-textile Tap that slips onto each finger of your either hand or on both hands for two-handed tapping and can translate 31 different taps into letters and numbers that are then transmitted to a Bluetooth-enabled device including a smartphone, computer or tablet.

Priced at $149.99, the device has eight hours of battery life and can connect to your phone or laptop over Bluetooth or can work as a mouse also. Looks like a series of loosely connected rings, the device sensors for each of your five fingers and can which fingers are tapping. Tapping of single fingers turn motions into a vowel (a text input) and tapping of combinations of fingers create the other letters and the array of special characters and punctuation can be turned out using a combination of various finger taps.

 “All Tap needs is any flat surface and has the potential to become the fastest, accurate communication mode of the future.  Tap’s fundamental technology is more discreet and accurate than voice input.  The gesture-based device is applicable not only to language, but also to music, gaming, and control and other applications that could open up a world of creative possibilities for Tap’s users,” said David Schick, inventor of Tap.

This might sound complex, but the company says that it usually takes around one hour to master Tap, thanks to the company’s accompanying app TapGenius App.

The device takes time to memorize the finger tapping combination as well as how it corresponds to different tapping. The Tap can hit the market around August this year and lets users communicate with the digital world.

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